Dan Levy in Loewe at the Clash de Cartier Event

Posted on August 25, 2021

Question to ponder: We couldn’t help but wonder… is Dan Levy in danger of Carrie Bradshawing himself?



First: This is fabulous and we love every bit of it, from the gold chain to the gorgeous sweater to the Smurf shoes. Second: We can add him to the growing list of celebrities who are so eager to get to fall that they’re dressing for October in the dead of August. Trend-seekers always have to be at least six weeks ahead of everyone else to maintain their status after all. As for the question we posed, we sometimes wonder if giving his already iconic character David Rose the exact same idiosyncratic fashion tastes as himself isn’t blurring the lines between Dan Levy the actor and David Rose the character, much in the same way that Sarah Jessica Parker’s style has tended toward the very Carrie-specific for the last twenty years. When he was making the awards track rounds last year, he served up a couple of really fantastic looks that seemed tailor-made to his own tastes while not looking exactly like something David would wear to the Café Tropical. Not that there’s anything wrong with the above ensemble, but we think we like his style better when he surprises us a little.


Style Credits:
Loewe Pansies Embroidered Sweatshirt in Cotton and Black Pants from the Fall 2021 Collection
Loewe Wedge Lace-up in Suede from the Fall 2021 Collection

Styled by Erica Cloud


[Photo Credit: Matt Martin via Erica Cloud/Instagram, loewe.com]

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