Gugu Mbatha-Raw Promotes “Loki” in Rodarte

Posted on June 07, 2021

Can we tell you that we watched the first two episodes of Loki? Yes. Can we give you detailed thoughts and reactions to it? No. We are, however, allowed to post social media reactions. Just another reason you should follow us on the twitters. But we’ll be Disney-naughty and reveal this: It’s aesthetically and stylistically as far away from the usual Marvel fare as the first few episodes of WandaVision were. It has a distinct sci-fi look that borrows heavily from some titanic influences and we had great fun just taking in the art direction and set design in the first episode alone. Also, Gugu is charming in it, but that’s never not the case.



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We’re surprised by how much we love this. It’s got that overdone twee feel that so much Rodarte has – and the dress itself might have been cutely low-key if it weren’t for those cuffs and that collar, both of which come right up to the line of looking like something from an old-school diner waitress uniform. They’re so incongruous with the rest of the dress, but the wholly unexpected choice of those superhero boots ties the whole thing together by adding just that much more extra-ness to it. Those three references – a dress that looks like ’80s office wear, some style elements that look like something a Disney World food service employee might sport, and straight-up superhero boots – are in so much tension that it makes the whole look impossible to forget or even to look away. It’s bright, bold, familiar and unique at the same time. She looks adorable in it.





Style Credits:
Rodarte Belted Polka Dot Look from the Spring 2021 Collection

Styled by Leith Clark


[Photo Credit: Leith Clack/Instagram, Daria Kobayashi Ritch/Courtesy of Rodarte]

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