Mickey Guyton at the Academy of Country Music Awards in Nathan David Adams

Posted on April 19, 2021

We think Mickey Guyton making history as the first Black woman to host the Academy of Country Music Awards is reason enough to give the lady her spotlight. Us being the shallow types we are, we’re also quite happy to pile on the huzzahs for that gown.


All music awards shows pretty much require a blending of fashion and stage costume, but none are more open about that blend than the country music shows. There’s a certain sort of “drag” aspect to country stagewear and red carpet wear, in the sense that it’s common to see people portraying a certain character whose traits are shorthanded to certain style tropes – like, for instance, cowboy boots and hats. Female country stars have always presented a fairly wide range of styles, from the overwrought prairie dresses and sequined cowgirl looks of Loretta or Patsy and the women they inspired to the small-town fancy lady drag of Dolly and her descendants, to the television-ready glamour of more Hollywood-inspired stars like Carrie Underwood. We think Mickey falls more in that latter camp since, color aside, this is pretty similar to something Carrie would wear. We love the drama of the cape and the almost operatic vibe the gown gives off. There’s a real sense of power and declaration in it. Our only style critique is that the waist could use a little more defining and the gown could use maybe a little sparkle to pop on stage.







Style Credits:
Custom Nathan David Adams Blue Chiffon Gown

Styled by Tiffany Gifford | Hair and Makeup by Samuel Rodriguez
[Photo Credit: Brent Harrington/CBS – Video Credit: Mickey Guyton via YouTube]

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