Bill and Cathy Cambridge Keep Semi-Calm and Carry On

Posted on March 11, 2021

Prince William and Kate Middleton stepped out in public for the first time since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle sat down to spill tea all over Oprah’s nice rug. We don’t think it’s overstating things to note that they both look extremely stressed, in a manner that’s highly unusual for them – especially Kate, since she’s mastered being a figure of pure composure.




Obviously, they’re capable of doing their jobs and we’re not suggesting they stepped out acting like harried messes, but this is one of the most subdued royal visits we’ve ever covered. Not that we’re trying to get anyone to take sides here, but it can’t be easy for them to make a visit like this, knowing that the inevitable was going to come up:



There’s no good way to answer the question “Is your family racist?” It’s not that the question shouldn’t be posed; it’s just that the setting and the phrasing make it impossible to answer meaningfully.

Anyway, fashion:

Prior to last year, we wouldn’t have named pink as one of her signature colors, but she seems to be returning to it more and more lately; possibly because it has soothing undertones at a time of stress. We’re not back to normal yet and this family has a lot of PR work ahead of them so who knows what things will be like down the road, but it seems to us that Kate has permanently moved away from her more overtly stylish coat-dress period and settled into a sort of wealthy working mom style. It’s low-key, conservatively feminine, and has a professional air to it. We always wondered if she’d ever be able to transition away from her beloved skinny pants, but here she is, working the wide leg. It’s a great look that strives for relatability and mostly hits the mark. To no one’s surprise, we don’t think the shoes quite work, though. Too pointy a toe for such a wide pant.


Style Credits:
MAX&Co. Pink Coat
Boden ‘Hambleden’ Scallop Jumper
Amaia Print Face Mask



[Photo Credit: Justin Tallis/Pa Images/,,,]

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