Regina King Promotes “One Night in Miami” in Christian Dior

Posted on December 15, 2020


We’re a little fascinated by the push-pull happening on our front page right now. For every girly, retro prairie dress, there’s a corresponding killer suit. We can’t remember a time when two such sharply defined, largely oppositional styles wind up trending at the same time. Of course there are always suits and dresses on option in womenswear at any given time, but it’s interesting how the suits have gotten so strongly declarative while the dresses have gotten so juvenile and modest. Truly, we are a divided nation.

Oh, right. Miss Regina’s here in one of those aforementioned killer suits. We almost forgot for a second:





LOVING the suit. NOT LOVING the sheer mesh top – at all. We can understand wanting some sort of twist so it doesn’t come off like literal menswear, but we suspect it only works when it’s worn with the vest shown in the runway version below.

And now, a Public Service Announcement:

We get it, stars. Really, we do. It’s weird being asked to model clothes like this instead of just walking a red carpet or onto a talk show set. Just don’t, y’know… model so much. Pretend you’re on that red carpet or walking out to a cheering audience on the Kimmel set. You don’t have to pose so hard or show off different ways of wearing the look like you’re doing catalog work. Stand, cock your hip or even put your hands in your pockets (times are dire and we’ll excuse a lot right now), and give us that 100 megawatt smile that made you a star in the first place. STOP POSING. Slap the next person who asks you to.









Style Credits:
Christian Dior Black and White Stripe Suit, Organza Top and Tie from the Resort 2021 Collection

Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Angie Perrantes | Makeup by Rea Ann Silva


[Photo Credit: Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Angie Perrantes/Instagram, – Video Credit: via YouTube]

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