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PinRevery Bar at London Hilton on Park Lane – London, UK


Let’s get SWANKY! It’s WEDNESDAY and we still have a ton of Met Gala looks to show you, so order something chic and wait to be dazzled.


Dan Stevens and the Allure of Kooky Characters
Despite his “Downton Abbey” roots, the co-star of “Godzilla x Kong” and “Abigail” likes the kind of role “that makes the filmmaker smile.”

The kookiest characters onscreen this season may be the ones played by Dan Stevens.
This batch of charismatic weirdos joins the collection of peculiar roles he has amassed since the 2014 thriller “The Guest,” his post-“Downton Abbey” breakthrough. Stevens, 41, lands somewhere between leading man and character actor, and he revels in the mischievous tone required for these offbeat parts, some of which he describes as “funcomfortable.”


Netflix Edits Out Kim Kardashian Being Booed During Tom Brady Roast
The streamer has quietly removed a viral moment from its live roast.

Who was harshly booed during Netflix‘s live roast of Tom Brady?
Not Kim Kardashian. At least, not anymore. Netflix has now edited out the boos from its blistering comedic special on its service.
The reality TV icon received a harsh reception as she took the podium during The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady and tried to launch into a Kevin Hart joke, causing others onstage to yell “woah-woah” to get the audience to be more respectful.


Hacks Star Jean Smart Confronts the Ugly Truths of Deborah Vance
The Emmy winner discusses the third season of Hacks, which returned with new complications for both Deborah and Hannah Einbinder’s character, Ava.

Can we talk a little bit about the power dynamic between Deborah and Ava? Their relationship is complicated and gets messier this season. Ava is a bit more powerful than she was the past two seasons, but Deborah has a hard time taking her out of the subservient box.
“There’s definitely a change this season. If you haven’t seen the last episode [of the new season], there’s a real shocker. But it’s fun because, even in the scene where Ava is really standing up for herself and saying, “Look, we need some guidelines if we’re going to work together again. I need this, this, and no more jokes about my personal appearance.” And Deborah goes, “The joke about your hands was grandfathered in” She goes, “No.” So I finally go, “Okay, fine.” Then the rest of the scene, Deborah’s texting her housekeeper a joke about Ava’s hands. And the housekeeper comes in and reads it. And it’s perfect because you know Deborah’s not going to follow the rules that she just agreed to. At least not all of them.”


Kim Kardashian’s tiny waist corset at the 2024 Met Gala looked unreal (and that’s the problem)
Like it or not, her body sends a message.

Kardashian wore Maison Margiela couture with an extremely tight corset, her waist squeezed to tiny proportions. But unlike the immediate backlash to her diet comments for her Marilyn look, early reactions online seem to praise Kardashian for being tiny — yet another marker of how we’ve regressed to early-aughts body norms in the Ozempic era, tying thinness to beauty and worth. We’ve seemingly become more aware that our bodies are both inherently personal and political, that what we look like is both an intensely private choice, and a statement about ourselves and the world around us. And Kardashian does look incredible; in fact, she looks unreal — and that’s the problem.


This is exactly how many hours you should be sitting, sleeping, standing and exercising each day
You might be surprised.

Whether it’s at the office, when we’re WFH, watching telly, or out for a girls’ dinner, we spend a lot of our time sitting. In fact, the NHS says that the average Brit spends around nine hours a day plonked on their behind.
Yet, a new study has determined exactly how long we should be sitting for and – hint – we’re well overshooting the recommendation.


I had a ‘spiritual haircut’ with a hair priestess and I’ll never go to a normal salon again
She ‘released’ my hair, and my guilt.

“What is the intention you’d like to let go of?”
This is not a question I’m used to being asked by my hairdresser when I sit down in the salon chair. But Jaclyn Smith (who goes by Chand, a name given to her by her spiritual teacher) is no ordinary hairdresser. She describes herself as a ‘hair priestess’ and she’s about to give me a ‘hair ceremony’ featuring a ‘conscious cut’.


The Best Nail Art Inspiration From the 2024 Met Gala Red Carpet
From 3D flowers to classic French tips.

Manicures are the cherry on top of any well-crafted look, and the stars at the 2024 Met Gala understood the assignment. ‘The Garden of Time,’ a short story by J.G. Ballard, served as the theme on the red carpet. Flowers bloomed everywhere, from Ayo Edebiri’s Loewe gown to Rebecca Hall’s hand-painted body art, one of the best beauty looks of the night, down to Gigi Hadid’s 3d floral tips.
As usual, there were plenty of classic nudes and French tips that made an appearance at the bash, but there was also a wealth of creativity that inspired us to redo our nail Pinterest boards for the rest of spring. One particular trend that caught our eye was 3D floral nails, like the red and pink flowers adorning Dove Cameron’s mani. Plenty of glitz and glam was present, too: Da’Vine Joy Randolph and ​​Taraji P. Henson’s nail moments featured gemstone-like charms that sparkled under the lights and camera flashes. Meanwhile, Cardi stuck to her roots with towering stiletto claws.


The Met Gala Has Highlighted Fashion’s Obsession With Discomfort – Is That So Wrong?
From the endless chatter about the oppression of corsetry, worn by Kim Kardashian, to several A-listers struggling to walk up the Met Gala steps unasisted (see Tyla and Cardi B), fashion historian Rosalind Jana explores fashion’s enduring obsession with pain and discomfort.

Kardashian wasn’t the only attendee whose outfit inhibited their movement. Tyla, in a fabulously ominous Balmain gown covered in sand, had to be forcibly lifted up the steps. Cardi B was enveloped in so much black tulle that she needed nine helpers to fan out her dress. Everywhere you looked on the livestream, swarms of tuxedo-clad assistants were found carrying heavy trains, fluffing skirts, helping celebrities ascend the stairs with baby sideways steps, and so on. Many of those who attend the Met Gala do not arrive in conventional cars but come by mini-bus or van – standing either because they do not wish to crease their skirts, or because they physically cannot sit.
The conclusion one might take from this is to decry the absurd frivolity that leads to women parading outfits they can’t properly walk in.


The 55 Best Comedy Films of All Time
Because it’s always time for a good laugh

Comedies have come a long way. The genre, once largely dominated by formulaic slapstick tipped in favor of mainstream machismo, has charted not just a new path in recent years, but multiple paths. Welcoming narratives led by women in front of and behind the camera, those told through completely queer lenses, and stories that inject cultural flair into humorous tales, the comedy film genre is living through a colorful, representative, and inclusive renaissance.
Below, some of our favorite comedy films from this year and last, mixed with the best comedies of all time. You’ll have no trouble finding your next fit of giggles in any of these picks, but just to ensure you keep the good times rolling, we’ve also curated the best comedies on Max, the best comedies on Prime Video, and the best standup comedy specials on Netflix.


Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Ring Bearers
Ring bearers are always the most adorable members of any wedding party. The origins of the role actually have their roots in ancient Egypt, where a young boy would be enlisted to carry rings to a couple as a symbol of love, fidelity, and fertility. While the role still includes the all-important task of getting the wedding bands down the aisle, today, it’s more of an excuse to bring a sweet touch to your wedding and include a beloved young family member or friend in your special day. While it is not a required role in the wedding party, the ring bearer can be a crowd favorite at the ceremony—without taking the spotlight away from you and your spouse-to-be, of course.
Want to know the ins and outs before you ask a ring bearer to join your celebration? Read ahead to get a breakdown of what a ring bearer’s responsibilities are—and who can take on this special role.


In the Olympics’ Run-Up, Paris Restaurants Are Accused of Duping Customers Into Tipping Bigger
If diners aren’t careful, they could spend beaucoup bucks.

Summer 2024 was bound to be different, especially in France, what with the enormous July–August spike of an estimated 15 million tourists piling into the place for the XXXIII Olympiad.
In an ordinary year, France is one of the most visited countries on Earth, averaging just under 80 million international arrivals, to say nothing of native French tourists. But even for France, the extra 15 million is a big number to absorb over three short weeks. Let’s call it the Olympic Tourism Bulge.


Yogurt Lasts for Way Longer Than You Think, According to a Yogurt Sommelier
Plus: 4 pro tips for storing and tasting yogurt.

Kristie Kliegl could accurately be described as the Liam Neeson of the yogurt world. She has a … very particular set of skills acquired over a very long career. But rather than making her a nightmare to people, those skills make her an enormous asset — especially if you love to dig into a cup of Chobani every day.
You see, Kliegl is the director of food safety and quality at Chobani. It’s a less-than-glamorous title that is sort of unbefitting for someone with her talents. So, instead, her friends and colleagues refer to her as a “yogurt sommelier.”


The Best Biscuits
Scott Peacock got this delectable biscuit recipe from Edna Lewis, the legendary Southern cook and his mentor. They’re especially great served with fried chicken.

Chef Scott Peacock first met the venerable Edna Lewis when they cooked a fundraising dinner together in Georgia in 1990. The two shared a love for Southern cuisine and went on to forge a deep friendship, eventually publishing a book together called The Gift of Southern Cooking. These biscuits are terrific served alongside their Fried Chicken with Tomato Gravy, named one of Food & Wine’s 40 best recipes in 2018.


How to Tell if You Need to Decant Your Wine
Not every wine needs time to breathe — here’s what to know before you reach for the decanter.

A wine decanter should be much more than an eye-catching item to display on your bar cart. Decanting involves slowly pouring the wine from its bottle into another vessel, where it’s allowed to rest in contact with the fresh air around it, often in an effort to allow the wine to “open up”.
“Decanters are typically designed to increase oxygen exposure,” says Suzanne DeStio, sommelier and wine director at One White Street in New York City.


Luxembourg, Ireland & 8 More Countries Advance to Eurovision 2024 Grand Final
Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Lithuania, Portugal, Serbia, Slovenia & Ukraine also move past Tuesday’s semifinal, while Australia, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Moldova & Poland are out.

The first of three live broadcasts of the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest yielded the initial results of the competition, with 10 countries out of 15 moving forward into the grand final on Saturday (May 11) and five countries going home.
Most notable among the 10 winning countries are Luxembourg, which returned to the pan-European competition this year after a 31-year absence, and Ireland, which holds the record for the most wins with Sweden at seven each.


‘Baby Reindeer’ Star Richard Gadd on Struggling With “Toxic Empathy” for Real-Life Stalker
During a FYC event for TV Academy members, Gadd shared his creative process in shaping the intense, seven-episode series: “I just knew it was my chance. It just had to be as good as I could make it.”

“I never wanted to kind of lie,” he explained. “I always had to constantly check myself to be like, does this feel truthful to me and to my experience all the way through? If it didn’t, I would have to bring it back. But it was a tight rope. It was a constant process between what works for a TV show and not selling out on your own story, and that continued all the way from writing all the way to filming and all the way through the editing process in finding that right balance. I think we did in the end, but it was a hell of a process.”


Gabrielle Union Wore a Drugstore Manicure to the Met Gala
With the prettiest subtle sparkle.

Manicurist Thuy Nguyen shared of the inspo behind the nails, referencing Union’s gorgeous gown. “I wanted to give her nails the right amount of sparkle it needed to bring the look all together. The beautiful cascade of colors moved me into using something with a little bit of sheerness and just enough amount of iridescence.”


Rich, vivid and oh-so-extraordinary: live your Elizabeth Taylor fantasy with these emerald jewels
Tatler’s Jewellery Editor, Charlie Miller, showcases May’s birthstone, the emerald, with 30 glittering pieces

May’s birthstone is the precious emerald, prized for its rich and vivid green colour.
In the Dolce Vita years of the 50’s and 60’s, Roman jeweller Bulgari’s coloured gemstone creations attracted a veritable who’s who of the film industry, both from Hollywood and Cinecitta, Rome’s own legendary film studios. Bulgari’s Via Condotti store was the place to see and be seen, with clients including some of the world’s most glamorous women; Gina Lollobrigida, Anita Ekberg, Audrey Hepburn and most notably, Elizabeth Taylor.


‘Everything Hinges on Kate Middleton’s Well-Being’ for Prince William as He Carries Family’s Pain
he Prince and Princess of Wales’ family-first mantra is more important than ever

With Kate Middleton and King Charles both undergoing cancer treatment, Prince William must balance family matters with an elevated leadership role within the monarchy.
“Whether you’re a prince or a pauper, no one would expect anything like this with his father and his wife both being treated for cancer,” a royal insider tells PEOPLE exclusively in this week’s cover story. “William is digging deep.”


Major Brand Issues a New Peanut and Mixed Nut Recall Due to Possible Listeria Contamination
Planters Nuts has recalled two of its popular nut products.

If you have Planters products in your pantry, you may want to check the label. Hormel Food Sales is voluntarily recalling two of its Planters nut products due to possible listeria contamination, according to an announcement by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
The recall includes 4-ounce packages of Planters Honey Roasted Peanuts and 8.75 ounce cans of Planters Deluxe Lightly Salted Mixed Nuts. A press release by Hormel Foods includes photos of the recalled products, but consumers should check for the following “Best If Used By” dates and UPC numbers.


How to Cook Steak Like a Chef, From Pan Searing and Broiling to Grilling
Our expert guide to preparing steak includes popular cuts, marinating tips, seasoning, and more.

Even for experienced cooks, the question of how to cook steak can be daunting. After all, there’s a lot at stake. A high-quality steak is an expensive cut of meat, and if you’re cooking it for a special occasion or for company, you want to get it right. When considering the best ways to prepare it to juicy perfection, several other decisions come into play, from the cuts to shop for to prepping the beef before showtime. We spoke to a culinary expert who shared pro tips for buying, seasoning, and the best methods of cooking this flavorful favorite.


How to Cool a Room—Without Turning on the AC
Drop the temperature—and keep it there—with these expert suggestions.

From May to September, you perfect your summer playlist, throw the best barbecues, and relax at the beach. But these months also come with heat and humidity that can infiltrate your home and ruin your chill summer vibes, even if you’re lucky enough to have air conditioning that you can crank all day (and night) long.
Whether you’re trying to conserve energy, cut your electric bill, or get through the hottest part of the year in a home without central air, keeping the temperature down is simpler than it seems. Using fans, windows, curtains, and dehumidifiers correctly can keep your space comfortable when the mercury rises. Here are all the ways to cool down a room without air conditioning, according to experts.

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