Vintage Harper’s Bazaar Covers by Richard Avedon

Posted on August 24, 2020

And now, a blast of mid-Century glamour and chicness, courtesy of the man many consider to be the greatest fashion photographer of all time. Richard Avedon’s career was long and broad, encompassing portraiture, photojournalism and fashion photography. Part of the reason for his legendary success is because he combined the principles of all three styles to any of his efforts. In other words, his photojournalism looked like portraits, his portraits looked like fashion photography and his fashion photography looked like all three. Even now, over 60 years past some of these covers, his iconic ideas of how fashion photography should look – the dramatic poses, the focus on angles over curves, the exaggeration of the eye, the jawline, the lips; modeling as character work  – still define the fashion magazine industry, if not the entire fashion industry. In his ad campaigns, editorials and covers, his eye and direction combined to produce the kinds of elegant images that made you wonder who these models were and what they were thinking when their picture was taken. He made the fashion breathe, in other words.






[Photo Credit: Ebay,, Pinterest]

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