Meghan Markle and Gloria Steinem Sit Down for a Little Backyard Chat

Posted on August 26, 2020

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Gloria Steinem discuss representation, why each vote matters and how all women “are linked, not ranked.” MAKERS has an exclusive look at that historic backyard chat!


Your not-so-humble hosts have been DEEPLY AMUSED watching folks completely lose their shit because Meghan says things like “Voting is important” and “We need change” as if she were fomenting revolution and putting The Queen herself in mortal danger. We cannot roll our eyes hard enough at folks who think she should be stripped of her titles for making such anodyne observations. If the Queen wasn’t going to strip Uncle David’s title for LITERALLY hanging out with Hitler or Prince Andrew’s title for vacationing on Pedophile Island – let alone Sarah Ferguson’s title for influence-peddling – then the outcry over Meghan’s mild remarks has got to be seen as prejudicial. Sorry, but there it is. Diana got to keep her princess title after trashing the family and divorcing her way out of it, for crying out loud.

Anyway, speaking of crying out loud, the latest outcry is her remark during this chat about how women are “linked, not ranked” –  because she has a title. Apparently if you have a title bestowed upon you by marriage, you forfeit any right to talk about inequality or to uplift people.Literally anything she does now gets met with calls to have her title stripped because frankly, a whole bunch of folks can’t stand that she’s free from the restrictions of her royal duties and has no intention of being quiet. Also because she’s biracial, of course.

Anyway, we’re loving the SoCal Sussex style on display here. The heels don’t make much sense in this setting (and belie the idea that she’s not about fashion anymore) but the hat and pants are fabulous. Gloria looks great, but then she always does. The B&W footage is pretentious, however. She’s Gloria Steinem. You don’t have to use visual trickery to make the conversation seem more important somehow.






We’ll have the full video up later if they make it embeddable.


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