Beyoncé in Alessandra Rich at the 2020 BET Awards

Posted on July 01, 2020

Miss Bey has always known how to serve up lewks in front of a video camera – especially if she owns the camera and is paying someone to operate it for her. It’s why we didn’t have much to say about this appearance because even though we can tell she looks stunning in it, it was a tightly controlled and framed moment that wasn’t about what she was wearing (which we could barely see anyway).



But the full picture later came into (well coordinated and controlled) view:





Honestly, we’re kind of charmed by the whole look, but our first impression took us back to something we’ve long said about Beyonce’s style. When she’s coordinating a photo shoot, a concert or a video, she winds up wearing some stunningly high-fashion, instantly iconic sorts of looks. Vogue cover looks. Art photography looks. Broadway costume looks. But when she’s dressing for something less performative her style comes off a bit different to our eyes. Put it this way: when it comes to her stage, video and photography projects, her style is often amazing. When it comes to publicity and red carpet style, it’s often hit-or-miss. This is a pretty cute Barbie-crossed-with-Holly Golightly sort of look, but it strikes us as quite a bit more fussy and precious than the kinds of looks she serves in her videos. Given how good she is at imagecraft, we’re less inclined to be critical about this now and more likely to consider it an example of how good she is at delineating and compartmentalizing various roles and aspects of her life and career. She clearly sees a striking distinction between performance-wear and publicity-wear. That’s not notable on its own, but it’s interesting to us how she uses each to highlight a different side of herself.


Alessandra Rich Velvet and Tulle Gown


Alessandra Rich Crystal Choker with Pendant

Style Credits:
Alessandra Rich Velvet and Tulle Strapless Gown with Bow Detailing from the Spring 2020 Collection
Alessandra Rich Crystal Choker with Pendant
Giuseppe Zanotti Sandals

Styled by Zerina Akers | Hair by Nakia Collins | Makeup by Rokael


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of BET, Zerina Akers/Instagram,, – Video Credit: Beyonce via]

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