Pop Style Opinionfest: Riots, Reunions, and Royal Drama

Posted on May 29, 2020

Kittens, we’re not gonna lie to you: With everything going on right now, we really didn’t feel like flipping on the mics and trying to act chipper about it. But we talked it out this morning and we realized that the best thing we can do is do our best to give people something to listen to other than news reports. But we felt it would be cavalier if not downright irresponsible of us not to address the burning elephant in our living rooms, so to speak, so we talk a bit about the history of protest in this country and how violence has always been sewn into the fabric of America. Stonewall was an anti-police riot too.

After that, we promise, we head into the frivolous. From the utterly bizarre and slightly depressing Drag Race reunion, to the utterly hilarious and entertaining House of Cambridge press drama, to the uneven but engaging (depending on which one of us you’re listening to) season 2 of Homecoming, we serve up opinions galore, in the manner you’ve come to expect from these two bitches.



And now more than ever, THANK YOU for your support, darlings. LUVYAMEANIT.




[Photo Credit: Amazon Prime Video, VH1, INSTARimages]

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