12 Times Timothée Chalamet Broke the Red Carpet

Posted on April 09, 2020

Darlings, put aside your cares and worries because today is Prince Timmée Day! As declared by an international consortium of us! Let us come together as one family in support of our Princeling of the Red Carpet, during these dark, cold, red carpetless days of Now. Let us think back to sunnier days, when the Princeling strolled jauntily in his little rule-breaking ensembles.

When you’re putting together a collection of Timmée’s most notable red carpet looks, the first hurdle is narrowing it down to something bloggably approachable. The kid’s been busy over the last few years and since he rarely ever stepped out in anything particularly conventional, it’s a bit of a task keeping the list manageable. But once you start looking at his red carpet history in toto, as they say (and by “they” we mean no one at all), three distinct motifs jump out.

The one that delights us most is Prince Timmee’s rather adorable fondness for dressing up like a member of the working class:


Haider Ackermann, September 2019





Haider Ackermann, October 2019


Prada, February 2020


Off-White, March 2018

It’s all very “Look, Mother! I’m working with my hands!”

Each of these outfits could pay off a year’s mortgage for the average member of the working class, but that’s why it’s so admirable that the Princeling is lending his support to them, any way he can. It’s a salute, really. An homage.

The second-most delightful motif is the one where he just says “Fuck it” to conventional formal menswear expectations:


Haider Ackermann, September 2019


Louis Vuitton, October 2019


Louis Vuitton, January 2019

In fact, this is probably his most important contribution to male red carpetry. Any time Prince Timmée gets the press all abuzz because he wore a sequined harness or hoodie on the red carpet is a time some other young up-and-comer boy-ingenue makes note of it and makes plans to do the same. He really is changing the game.

And finally, there’s probably the most popular of the Princeling’s style motifs; the one that really sells the image of him as a supernaturally youthful figure of romance. The Beautiful Boy motif, in other words:


Haider Ackermann, September 2018


Alexander McQueen, January 2019


Alexander McQueen, October 2018


Haider Ackermann, February 2019

It’s basic menswear shapes shot through with sometimes overwhelmingly romantic prints or patterns that go against conventional gender expectations.

And finally, there was that time when Prince Timmee managed to pull off all three motifs at once: A salute to workwear, an appreciation of weird shapes, and an application of bright, bold pattern:


S.R. Studio. LA. CA. by Sterling Ruby, October 2019

Behold your King, the Ultimate Timothée.



[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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