Forest Whitaker and Jennifer Hudson on the Set of “Respect”

Posted on February 17, 2020

Miss Jennifer is out here on these streets giving you classic Aretha and classic outerwear.






We know Miss Jennifer was hand-picked by the Queen herself to portray her so we’re not prepared to make an argument against it, but we’re going to need some convincing. It’s not so much the lack of resemblance as it is the rather singular bearing and vocal style of Aretha herself. We’ve been doing this long enough – and been proven wrong plenty enough times – to refrain from any real judgment until we at least see the trailer. But we were early denouncers of Zellweger’s Judy (which we happily retracted), and look how that all turned out. The bottom line is that Jennifer is no slouch in either the acting or the singing departments and that’s 90% of the job right there.

If nothing else, this film sure does seem to have a lot of gorgeous coats in it.


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/, Jose Perez/,]

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