Renée Zellweger is JUDY

Posted on May 10, 2019


As the title says, Renee Zellweger is JUDY. And T Lo are NOT FEELING IT.

Sorry. You may commence the burning of our gay cards at once.




Look, she’s got the Judy look down. She’s got the mannerisms and what looks like that frantic, high-strung Judy energy. We don’t think there’s a resemblance so much as an attempt to layer enough drag over Renee’s bone structure to fool the eye, which is fine enough, we suppose. We think, on paper, this casting makes a lot of sense. But why are they letting her sing? Renee Zellweger has already proven she can sing, but it remained to be seen if she could sing as Judy. Now we know. Maybe it’s not fair to base it off one excerpt, but it’s an excerpt from her most famous song, being used to convince us that the person singing it can make us believe that she’s Judy Garland. More important, director Rupert Goold said of her performance, “I wasn’t looking for an impersonation of Judy Garland’s inimitable voice, but what I wanted was for Renee to make the songs her own and this she did to thrilling effect.” Sorry, no. If you’re doing a Judy biopic, you don’t get to “make the songs your own.” Either do Judy or get out. We get that this is near the end of Judy’s life and they’re going for a weakened take, but it’s not working for us.

We’d love nothing more than to be wrong about this because Renee deserves a comeback and this really does look great, but we’re going to need more than a teaser to get excited about seeing this.







[Photo Credit: Roadside Flix – Video Credit: RoadsideFlix via]

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