Cathy Cambridge in Alexander McQueen at the Buckingham Palace Diplomatic Reception

Posted on December 12, 2019

The fashion’s always a little harder to write about when the tiaras come out. A royal diplomatic reception at Buckingham Palace is about as far from a red carpet or runway situation as you can get while still wearing high-end fashion. The expectations are just so different; not least the one about appearing stately and conservative and dignified. These are not words used in the world of high fashion all that often. And while no one truly expects Her Majesty to turn it out on the style front, Mrs. Cathy’s got a hell of a burden on her as the only person there about which two things remain true at once:


1. She’s an internationally recognized figure of style, whose every outfit is seen the world over within minutes of her wearing it in public, and

2. She’s wearing a tiara.

Girlfriend’s got an image she feels pressured to live up to and a set of serious responsibilities and expectations that come with that tiara. Last year, she wore a simple, sparkly Disney Princess gown  – and of course came in for some criticism on the matter. Some thought it was too frivolous; others thought it was too plain. This year, she went from Cinderella to Maleficent. We like it well enough, but it’s meant to be classic and simple by design. The darkness of it is a bit unusual coming from her, but it makes for a nice change of pace. Her tiara ensembles tend to be pastels or whites more often than not. This gown seems to have been chosen/designed specifically to show off that stunning necklace; a choice we can’t say we disagree with. And as we noted after last year’s diplomatic reception, the Lover’s Knot tiara feels like it’s become fully hers now. She wears it so well that it doesn’t automatically conjure images of Diana wearing it. Which, when you get right down to it, is what royal jewels are supposed to do: move from generation to generation, never truly belonging to any one person for too long a time, relatively speaking.


Style Credits:
Alexander McQueen Velvet Gown
Cartier ‘Nizam of Hyderabad’ Necklace (wedding gift from the Nizam to Princess Elizabeth, now Queen Elizabeth II)
– Lover’s Knot Tiara (created for Queen Mary in 1914 by Royal jewelers Garrard)

[Photo Credit: Victoria Jones/Pa Images/]

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