Style File: Kim Kardashian Out and About in Paris

Posted on March 26, 2019

International jet-setter, style icon and America’s Princess Kim Kardashian has been walking the streets of Paris, showing the French a thing or two about how real style is done.

Note: The management of this publication is not responsible for the spike in your blood pressure caused by the previous sentence. 




Here we have Tasteful Kim, which is the Kim where you can’t see any of her undergarments. We’re not sure what annoys us more here; the face that she’s in head-to-toe python or the fact that none of the items match the other items. And honestly, pairing a crocodile purse with a python suit and python boots makes you look like a Flintstones character. It’s too much is what we’re trying to say here. Then again, that’s her brand.

Next up, NON-Tasteful Kim.



Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

What gets us most about her style is how sloppy it tends to be. She’s all high-impact, but extremely low on the details and finishing. Things don’t fit or coordinate well, she usually can’t move or walk freely, and the overall effect is awkward rather than fierce. Not that we think her sparkly sheer hose paired with a sparkly non-sheer bodysuit paired with a giant sweater coat actually makes any sort of sense. But all of her looks could work in a sort of high drag fierce-as-shit way if she just made an attempt to get the details right. With every ensemble, it all boils down to one effect – PYTHON! SHEER! BODY-CON! – with absolutely no thought put into anything past the concept.

This just looks dumb. Not shocking or fabulous or unusual. Just dumb.




Style Credits:
First Look: ALYX Jacket | Ralph Lauren Pants | Carolina Lemke Sunglasses | Hermès Bag | Yeezy Boots

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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