Cathy Cambridge Visits King’s College in Catherine Walker

Posted on March 19, 2019

People are reporting that this is the first solo outing Cathy’s made with The Queen, which we have no reason to disbelieve, but it strikes us as odd, since Betty already stepped out with Meghan months ago. 


We’ll be honest here: We have little to say about the fashion but we know you kittens want a good look at it, so this is mainly just a pictures post. No complaints or criticisms, but what else is there to say about Mrs. Cathy in her signature style? We’ve said it all many times before.

But here’s a discussion point, if you don’t mind us making a comparison: Cathy’s style, compared to Meghan’s, tends to be a little more traditional and uniform-like because she’s going to be crowned Queen some day and she’s looking to the only person she can to for guidance: her grandmother-in-law, who has always taken a similarly uniform-like, traditionalist approach. Although we’d argue that Betty was more adventurous in her style in her thirties than Kate is now. Anyway, people tend to claim that Cathy “has” to dress in such traditional, uniform-like ways, but that was a choice of hers, not something that was imposed on her. Meghan has even less reason to work under the same expectations and restrictions, which is why her somewhat dully workmanlike fashion has been more frustrating to us. In other words, Cathy’s settled into her go-to look and she’s perfected it to the point that it’s somewhat above critique. Meghan’s still figuring hers out – and it’s somewhat to her credit that she didn’t try to rip off her sister-in-law’s style.



Style Credits:
– Catherine Walker Grey Belted Coat
– Gianvito Rossi Black Pumps

[Photo Credit: INSTARImages]

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