Christina Hendricks Salutes the Troops at the 2018 Peoples’ Choice Awards

Posted on November 12, 2018

Cheeky headline aside, it’s kind of a fun look for Miss Christina.



The People’s Choice Awards is one of the more casual of the celebrity awards-season events, so she’s not off-base showing up in a jumpsuit. Given the Veteran’s Day holiday, we can’t imagine this is some sort of coincidence, but we suppose it’s possible. Taking it as a deliberate military homage, we think it’s kind of fun and cute without being disrespectful toward actual military uniforms, since this take is pretty clearly whimsical and generic. Given the cut of the suit, she could’ve used a bit more support in the bust, which is a kind of unusual thing for us to say about one of her looks since she’s clearly had to keep such things at the forefront of her fashion considerations.

(That sentence was written completely unironically with no pun intended, but when we went back to edit it, we found it too funny to change. “Such things” it is.)

One not-at-all surprising critique we have regards the accessories. She’s always had some problems in this area. The hoops are really cute. They don’t work perfectly with that hairstyle, but we don’t mind them. The makeup bag and New Year’s Eve pumps, however; those things gotta go. Personally, we think a pair of flat men’s-style oxfords or brogues would’ve been a really cute choice, but we’re not sure how well they’d have worked with that pant length. And the more we think about it, the more it seems like such a choice might tip to close to costume. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find alternative bag and shoe options that either play well with the military theme or downplay it. Playing into the theme will bring this to cosplay, which is probably why pink satin and silver sparkles sounded like a good idea on paper.



Style Credits:
Temperley London ‘Memento‘ Green Jumpsuit with Belt and Patch Detail from the Fall 2018 Collection

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