Pairs Division: Daisy Lowe and Matt Smith

Posted on July 07, 2011

We love checking out pictures of the celebrity attendees of the Paris couture shows. It’s often a different brand of celebrity and that means a different brand of celebrity style. Besides, past comments sections have revealed a previously undiscovered strain of Doctor Who fangirls lurking amongst us, making this a perfect post to start the day. Grip your sonic screwdrivers tightly, ladies. This one’s for you.

PinDaisy Lowe and boyfriend Matt Smith attend the Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture fashion show in Paris.



PinSometimes celebrity style is all about knowing how to project a certain image. We’ve used this line before but it applies just as well here: If we were costuming a movie about two Euro-celebs attending Paris couture shows, we doubt we could do a better job than this. Talk about looking the part.

He: What we love about his style is that he looks exactly like he just landed here from a New Order concert in 1985. So many under-30s try to do ’80s fashion and think they’ve got it right, but we’re telling you, there were thousands of scrawny guys with big hair and stretched-out t-shirts wandering the streets of London and New York in the mid-’80s looking exactly like this. And from what we can tell, this is no pose with him. He really dresses like this all the time. We think he does it well, managing to look both a little rock and roll and a little elegant at the same time. Score: 9/10, for really sticking with a look and pulling it off perfectly.

She: Also looks exactly how one would think a celebrity attending a Gaultier couture show should look. We don’t love the color of the dress, but that’s a minor complaint since it’s clearly meant to evoke vintage undergarments. Our only real complaint is with the shoes. They don’t really seem to go with the outfit. At another time and place, we might have quibbles about the JBF hair and relative lack of makeup, but again, it just fits the picture the two of them are making. Score: 8.5/10. She’s embodying her look as much as he is, but we had to take a half point off because we hate the shoes the more we look at them.

Combined score: 8.75/10. We’re sitting here finishing our morning coffee, only barely dressed and awake, wishing we were at a post-couture show party with these two in Paris.


[Photo Credit: WENN]

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