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Darlings, from the Department of Reporting the Obvious, we hear news that it is MONDAY. Our condolences to all affected. It is also the week before the Oscars, which is an occasion that means absolutely nothing to 99% of the population but one that tends to inspire “So, it’s the week before the Oscars. What’s the plan?” conversations amongst our blogkind. Voting is closed and the campaigning is done, so most of the stars are home getting facial treatments and not eating in advance of the big night. Who will venture out onto a red carpet this week? Guess we’ll find out!

Why Kate Winslet Keeps Returning to TV, This Time as a Narcissistic Dictator
The Oscar winner talks to The Hollywood Reporter about playing the leader of a fictional country in HBO’s six-part limited series, and gives an update on ‘Mare of Easttown’ season two.

Kate Winslet is back on TV and this time, she’s playing a character she’s truly never played before.
The opening scene of HBO’s The Regime sets the scene. The geopolitical satire opens somewhere in middle Europe. The music is ominous, then quirky, when a soldier (played by Matthias Schoenaerts) is brought to the grand palace of the populist ruler of a fictional country, where he is told they are renovating to contain and rid the air of toxins. “Never breathe in her direction. Stay calm. Don’t vomit,” he’s instructed before meeting Chancellor Elena Vernham. In this first meeting, Winslet as Elena is poised and direct.


Design Doyenne Iris Apfel Has Died at 102
A self-declared “accidental icon,” straight-talking Apfel modeled for Vogue in 2018, the same year Mattel made a silver-haired Barbie in her name. In 2019, aged 97, she landed a modelling contract with IMG. “I’m very excited. I never had a proper agent,” she told Women’s Wear Daily at the time. After Iris aired on Netflix, Apfel told Vanity Fair: “I’m so delighted with the response, I can’t get over it. They’re carrying on about me as if I invented penicillin.”
With outlandish outfits, ice blue eyeshadow, and ruby red lips, Apfel’s increasingly familiar face appeared front row at runway shows and glistened from newsstands in bell pepper green suits, raspberry coats, turquoise feather boas, and her trusty walking cane.


Catherine O’Hara Still Wears Her Moira Rose Costumes
Ever wonder what stars pack for Paris Fashion Week? For actor Catherine O’Hara—who touched down in the City of Light to attend Loewe’s fall 2024 show on Friday—her suitcase included a few particularly special gems. Namely, some of her fabulous Moira Rose costumes from Schitt’s Creek, which she still regularly wears in her day-to-day. “I brought a great little Balenciaga dress [from the show]—I wore it to dinner the other night,” O’Hara tells Vogue over the phone, post-Loewe. “They were really generous about what I could take.”


The chic ways to wear hair accessories in 2024
Move over, ribbons.

If there’s one takeaway from the autumn/winter’24 runways, it’s this: We will all be experimenting with hair accessories come September. Spotted in New York, Paris, London and Milan, hair – whether it was loose and flowing or slicked-back and tied up – was dressed up with plenty of accessories.
On the more ‘OTT’ end of the scale, we saw knotted ballerina buns embellished with pink pearl pins at Alice + Olivia. At Christian Siriano, polished buns were also the order of the day – but here, they featured flecks of gold leaf on top of the bun and along the parting to mimic the use of metallics within the collection.


46 beautiful balayage hair ideas, plus everything to know about the technique
The secret to sunshine hair.

It’s not new – the lazy-girl colour technique has been a favourite among celebrities and influencers for years – but because the technique gives such pretty dimension, it’s not going anywhere fast. However, it has been updated. Pro stylists have continued to experiment with new colour combinations and application techniques to make the finish softer and more beautiful than ever before. Sounds like you’re kind of party?


I’m an Indian henna artist and I want henna to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their culture or race
If I don’t find it offensive, why does anyone else?

I hold two Guinness World Records for being the world’s fastest henna artist. I first started experimenting with henna when I was 15 and broke the world record when I was 21. I’ve since worked with various celebrities including Alicia Dixon, Ellie Goulding and Perrie Edwards, and built a successful business with a henna bar in Selfridges London for the past 10 years.
Recently I appeared on BBC’s Dragon’s Den looking for investment to drive my business forward. On the show I was told by one of the dragons, Sara Davies, that henna won’t go beyond my culture and my community. This attitude baffled me, and I while respect her opinion, I didn’t agree with her viewpoint.


60 sad movies that will have you crying in the best way possible
You’ll be reaching for the tissues.

Sad movies are something we all need every once in a while. I mean, who doesn’t love a good tear-jerker? Whether you’re looking for an epic tragedy that will leave you bawling, a life-affirming heroic tale, or a cry-off-your-mascara romance, a good weep can be the solution to all your problems. So get those tissues, get under the duvet and let those feels do their thing because we’ve trawled our favourite streaming services to bring you the best sad movies to cry your heart out to.


The wedding perfume guide every bride needs to read to find ‘The One’
From how to pick your wedding perfume to scenting your venue, we’ve got you covered.

It makes sense to have a wedding perfume that strays from your everyday scent (even if your other half loves it as much as you do) and to go for something special. “This scent will remind you of the day for the rest of your life because it’s a fact that scent and memories are interlinked,” says Emmanuelle Moeglin, classically trained perfumer and founder of the Experimental Perfume Club. “So wearing a specific fragrance you don’t use all the time will remind you of your wedding day when you smell it again.”


How Feud: Capote vs. the Swans Recreated Some of New York’s Most Iconic Interiors
Would Babe Paley shop at HomeGoods? Absolutely.

The series, airing now on FX and Hulu, relies heavily on the spaces these characters inhabited—from the Paley’s Billy Baldwin-designed apartment in the St. Regis to La Côte Basque itself and the Plaza Hotel—to help tell the story of who they were and how they lived. And none of the details were left to chance.


If You Don’t Like Sweet Wine, You Probably Haven’t Had Sauternes
This iconic white wine from Bordeaux is surprisingly versatile.

While dry wines play marquis roles in the Loire Valley, Burgundy, and Rias Baixas, yet the most famous wines from Sauternes, in Bordeaux, are sweet. Among collectors, the top estates in the region can command impressively high prices, especially for older vintages. A quick search online reveals many very old bottles of Château d’Yquem — the benchmark estate for Sauternes, the only one to be ranked Premier Cru Superieur in the famous 1855 classification, and a favorite, famously, of Thomas Jefferson — for sale, some of them going back to the first half of the 20th century, for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. At auction, bottles from the 1800s occasionally come up for sale. So what is it about this region and the wines that are produced there that makes it so special?


Style Icon Iris Apfel, an American Original, Is Dead at 102
With her bold DIY fashion sense, the design-savvy centenarian emerged as a social media influencer.

“You’ve either got or you haven’t got style,” goes the old Sammy Cahn lyric. “If you’ve got it, you stand out a mile.” Iris Apfel, with her signature oversized glasses and distinctive outfits—who died today in Palm Beach—stood out a mile, and then some.
The centenarian wore her age well. On the occasion of her 100th birthday, the indefatigable fashion influencer and style icon posted an Instagram slideshow displaying things she was older than. These included: the Cyclone roller coaster, the Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, and the Empire State Building. Within the fashion world, she was—in a word—a monument.


Iris Apfel, Fashion Icon and Interior Designer, Dies at 102
The businesswoman known for her eccentric fashion style was also the subject of Albert Maysles’ 2014 documentary ‘Iris.’

Born on Aug. 29, 1921, in Queens, New York, Apfel became a rule breaker in fashion at a young age, showing that she was not afraid to experiment with her style. She later studied art history at New York University and then went on to fine arts school at Wisconsin University.
After she graduated, she joined Women’s Wear Daily as well as worked for interior designer, Elinor Johnson, where she honed her decor skills.


How to master the art of small talk
A guide to having actually interesting conversations with strangers.

Small talk gets a bad rap for being too surface-level, too rote, a throwaway filler conversation. But casual chat can be the on-ramp to deeper connection. After all, most of us wouldn’t introduce ourselves to a stranger with a question about their biggest fears. Small talk is an opportunity to build trust and to learn about others, and to become a more curious person, says Georgie Nightingall, a conversation specialist and human connectivity researcher. “Being genuinely curious, that always helps,” she says. “You can actually realize that you do want to know more rather than having that sense of like, I’m just asking for the sake of asking.”


A New Keith Haring Biography Draws the Most Complete Picture Yet
In his thoroughly researched “Radiant,” Brad Gooch considers the short, blazing life of the ’80s artist, activist and man about downtown.

Finding a chronicler with the proper combination of familiarity and detachment can be like going on a series of bad Hinge dates, but in Gooch, Haring has met his match. “Radiant,” referring to both Haring’s recurrent drawing of a crawling baby and his own fast-burning star, is a faithful retracing of his steps, with over 200 people interviewed or consulted: devoted and probably definitive. (The word “magisterial” is too stuffy to apply to its subject, who favored jeans, sneaks and bared biceps.)


The Right Way to Clean Your Dishwasher With Vinegar
Keep this kitchen workhorse sparkling by using vinegar to clean it.

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent that can cut through dirt and grime that has built up on your most used appliances, including your dishwasher. The acidity in vinegar effectively breaks down grease, food residue, and mineral deposits inside the dishwasher. It also acts as a disinfectant, helping to kill bacteria and mildew. While vinegar is a great dishwasher cleaner, it’s important to use it with caution. The acidity can damage the rubber gaskets if used incorrectly. Here, we explain how to safely clean a dishwasher with vinegar so it sparkles after every use.


Sarah Carey’s Favorite Lemon Dessert Recipes for Spring
Here’s how to use every last bit of this popular citrus to bring some sunshine to your cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, and more.

Lemon is one of my favorite flavors. It’s complex and has incredible acidity that balances so well with sugar in all kinds of cookies, cakes, bars, and pies. And as we transition into spring, lemon brings the brightness and sunshine that we so need. Since it’s peak citrus season now, I’m sharing some of my favorite lemon dessert recipes to help you enjoy all their sweet, tangy goodness.


11 Tips for Choosing Furniture for Small Spaces, According to Designers
A small space can still feel elevated with these design tips.

Whether you are decorating a charming but tiny studio apartment or you have a single-family home with a petite room that’s in need of creative solutions, the biggest obstacle to designing a small space starts with choosing the right furniture.
A sofa that is correctly scaled to a small area can make an entire room feel larger and more welcoming, while double-duty pieces let your room straddle the line between functional and styled. The color of these pieces can also create the illusion of more square footage.
Want to give your small space a new look that feels elevated? We’re sharing tips from designers on how to choose the right furniture for small spaces.


10 Foods We Always Buy Canned
These canned goods taste just as good as their fresh counterparts.

Canned goods are a pantry staple for so many reasons: they’re convenient, inexpensive, versatile, and have a much longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts. Even better, ingredients are usually canned when they are at their best. This means that items like fruits and vegetables are canned and preserved at peak season, so when you open the can, they are just about as fresh as the day they were harvested—and just as nutritious, too.

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