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PinBar°58 at the Hotel Carlton – Cannes, France

It’s THURSDAY, and in our opinion, the very best way to pay our respects to Thor for blessing us with this day is to spend it surrounded by chicness in the Riviera. Let’s all break up in small groups and gossip about each other today.


Hollywood’s Top 25 Stylists: The Image Makers Behind Cardi B, Emma Stone, Hunter Schafer and Jenna Ortega
In a year when Barbiecore ruled, strikes killed red carpets, and stylists got call-outs in Oscar acceptance speeches, these tastemakers — working with Demi Moore, Colman Domingo, Emily Blunt and more — are taking the top spots in THR’s 2024 photo portfolio.

It’s been a year — one in which Barbie pink dominated fashion, the box office and the Oscar red carpet, notably on America Ferrera, who glittered in a custom Atelier Versace sheath, courtesy of stylist Karla Welch. Lest we forget, a side effect of the SAG-AFTRA strike was red carpets being rolled up for four months — but not before Cardi B shut down the Met Ball in Chenpeng and Oppenheimer star Emily Blunt hit the London premiere (an hour early, so the cast could attend before the strike began) in Alexander McQueen, as selected by Jessica Paster.


Kinds of Kindness: The first trailer for Emma Stone’s new movie, directed by Poor Things’ Yorgos Lanthimos, has dropped
It looks unhinged, in the best way.

Set against a cover of 1980s anthem Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics, the teaser begins and ends with Stone driving a speeding car and unfolds into a series of scenes featuring Kinds of Kindness’ amazing cast. We see Margaret Qualley slap Jesse Plemons around the face, we see Joe Alwyn on the brink of madness, we see Willem Dafoe’s maniac smile, we see Hong Chau lick someone’s torso – and we also see what looks like a dead body being dragged through a doorway. Unhinged isn’t even the word.


Embellished Jeans Are The Dramatic Denim Trend We Deserve Right Now
We’re not saving sparkle for special occasions this year

The long-standing appeal of a good pair of jeans might be rooted in practicality, but this season’s most joyful new denim trend offers something a little different: embellished jeans are well and truly back, and we’re more than happy to welcome them warmly.
The polar opposite to your trusty pair of 501’s, and so much more dramatic than the season’s cargo jean revival, these spangly, sparkly, souped-up pieces are made for magpies, promising to inject a jolt of energy into any outfit.


American Riviera Orchard: The Subtle Messages From Meghan Markle’s Lifestyle Brand Launch
Meghan Markle made her return to Instagram yesterday with the launch of her long-rumoured lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard.

According to Page Six, American Riviera Orchard will focus on home, garden, food, and general lifestyle content and will eventually branch into selling a variety of home goods, such as cookbooks, foods, and kitchenware. A trademark application obtained by the American publication further revealed that American Riviera Orchard will sell an array of home goods, including cookbooks, jams and spreads and tableware staples such as cutlery, table linens and glassware.


Eva Mendes Explains Why She Stepped Away From Acting With Rare Reference To Motherhood And Business
‘It was like a no-brainer.’

Eva Mendes has spoken out her acting hiatus, giving some more detail on why she stepped back from the jet-set life of Hollywood.
The actor expressed no regrets about stepping away from her movie career to focus on raising her and Ryan Gosling’s daughters, Esmeralda, nine, and Amada, seven. In fact, she said she was grateful for the opportunity.
‘It was like a no-brainer,’ Mendes said on the Today show. ‘I’m so lucky if I could have this time with my children. I still worked, I just didn’t act because acting takes you on locations, it takes you away.’


Royal Family To Have ‘Smaller-Scale’ Easter Service As King Charles And Princess Kate Receive Cancer Treatment
Charles and Camilla will make an appearance.

The British royal family’s Easter celebrations will look a bit different this year, as both King Charles III and Princess Kate undergo cancer treatment for their respective conditions.
A Buckingham Palace source confirmed to Harper’s Bazaar that the traditional service will be ‘a smaller-scale royal turnout’ than in years prior, as the royals are lying low and focusing on recovery.
The service will take place at St. George’s Chapel this Sunday, March 31, and both Charles and Queen Camilla will attend. Other members of the family will be with them, though Prince William and Kate will not make an appearance, Bazaar can confirm.


Confused by 3 Body Problem on Netflix? I spoke to an astrophysicist to simplify the science
Now I finally understand the show.

Much of the show centres around the real science of the ‘Three Body Problem,’ therefore blending fiction with the reality of principles relating to astrophysics. But some of it can certainly be a little, well, mind-boggling – unless you have a scientific background and know what’s going on. I spoke with Kate Pattle, Lecturer at University College London in the Deptartment of Physics & Astronomy, to simplify said science and to distinguish fact from fiction. Keep reading to discover the answers to the questions you’ve been wanting to ask.


The Best Black-Owned Hair Brands to Support Year-Round
Featuring culty shampoos, conditioners, and stylers for every hair type

It’s almost hard to believe that there was a time when shelf space for the best Black-owned hair brands in drugstores and at larger retailers was extremely limited in the grand scheme of the beauty industry. Nowadays, Black-owned hair brands like Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross, Bread Beauty Supply, Camille Rose, and more have continued to juggernaut, not just due to their inclusive product ranges, but also because their salon-level formulas are effective, and suitable for just about any hair type.


Do Timotheé Chalamet’s Bob Dylan Costumes Hold Up Against the Legendary Singer’s IRL Looks?
This week in New York City, Timotheé Chalamet began filming his upcoming Bob Dylan biopic, A Complete Unknown, in which he will portray the iconic singer. While we still know very little about the the James Mangold film, the paparazzi photos taken of Chalamet on set while in-character have been promising. Armed with Dylan’s signature shaggy hairstyle, Chalamet is a surprisingly convincing (if not slightly Hollywood-ified) version of the legend—circa the 1960s, when Dylan first burst onto the music scene and signed with Columbia Records in his early 20s. The retro costumes also help. But how do Chalamet’s outfits hold up to Dylan’s IRL style? Let’s dive in.


Can We Get Kids Off Smartphones?
We know that social media is bad for young people, who need more time—and freedom—offline. But the collective will to fix this problem is hard to find.

The exact causes of the Gen Z mental-health emergency will be parsed for years to come, but the severity of the crisis itself is, at this point, beyond question. Members of Gen Z, who were born between the mid-to-late nineties and the early twenty-tens, tend to be lonelier than the members of previous generations. They are more anxious and depressed; they get less sleep. They more commonly think that their lives hold no meaning. They are more likely to harm themselves or experience suicidal ideation. (Suicide deaths among children ages ten to fourteen more than doubled between 2007 and 2017.) They are more wary of, or just less interested in, the things that were once milestones of freedom: drinking, dating, having sex, getting driver’s licenses, moving out of their parents’ houses.


One big problem with how we rank countries by happiness
How happy are you? Are you sure about that?

We know that America is really unhappy. And Finland is the happiest country. Right?
Well, that’s what it says in the World Happiness Report, a wide-ranging survey on global happiness levels released last week. But before you pack your bags and move to Northern Europe, you might want a sneak peek at how the experts figure out who’s happy and who’s not.
Believe it or not, it typically comes down to one question. The pollsters use something called the Cantril Ladder. They ask: “Please imagine a ladder with steps numbered from zero at the bottom to 10 at the top. The top of the ladder represents the best possible life for you, and the bottom of the ladder represents the worst possible life for you. On which step of the ladder would you say you personally feel you stand at this time?”


Use Your Allusion: See How Many Literary References You Recognize
Lines from poems and plays frequently serve as inspiration for later literary allusions. This 12-question quiz is crafted from a running list created by the Book Review’s staff to test your knowledge on a wide variety of referenced works. The source material spans thousands of years and includes ancient Greek history and modern pop songs.
The quiz is in the multiple-choice format, so just tap or click your answers. After you finish, you’ll get your score and a list of links to the original works. (And yes, the headline above does allude to a pair of 1991 albums from the rock band Guns N’ Roses. Give yourself extra credit if you spotted it.)


When Larry Met Jean-Michel
A new exhibition tells how two rising stars, Larry Gagosian and Jean-Michel Basquiat, lived and worked together in Los Angeles in the ’80s.

In October 1981, when the art dealer Larry Gagosian first laid eyes on a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat, he had never heard of the artist. “My hair stood on end,” he said of seeing the 20-year-old’s work. Just six months later, when Basquiat opened a solo show at Gagosian’s gallery in West Hollywood, the place, Gagosian recalled in an interview, “was absolutely mobbed.”
Few stars have risen so fast, and burned out so quickly. (Basquiat died in 1988 of a drug overdose at age 27.) His story is an archetypal tragedy, in which personal exceptionalism meets catastrophically with systemic prejudice — in his case, not only toward his race, but against his youthful, pan-cultural fame, his blatant ambition, his physical beauty and charisma, and his louche comportment. Even at the height of his success, New York — where he reportedly had trouble hailing a cab — was never an easy place for him.


The Future of ‘Star Trek’: From ‘Starfleet Academy’ to New Movies and Michelle Yeoh, How the 58-Year-Old Franchise Is Planning for the Next Generation of Fans
“Strange New Worlds” is the 12th “Star Trek” TV show since the original series debuted on NBC in 1966, introducing Gene Roddenberry’s vision of a hopeful future for humanity. In the 58 years since, the “Star Trek” galaxy has logged 900 television episodes and 13 feature films, amounting to 668 hours — nearly 28 days — of content to date. Even compared with “Star Wars” and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, “Star Trek” stands as the only storytelling venture to deliver a single narrative experience for this long across TV and film.
In other words, “Star Trek” is not just a franchise. As Alex Kurtzman, who oversees all “Star Trek” TV production, puts it, “‘Star Trek’ is an institution.”


3 Essential Kitchen Knives Every Home Cook Needs
No kitchen is complete without these basic tools—shop our favorites now.

Designed to chop, carve, slice, and dice, knives come in a baffling array of shapes and sizes. Which types of knives do you actually need? For daily use, our food editors say you only require three essential knives. Learn why a chef’s knife, serrated knife, and paring knife are the fundamental trio for almost all cutting tasks—and shop our favorite picks. Consider these knives an investment; you’ll use them daily, so store them carefully and take care of them to keep their blades sharp.


17 Easy Easter Desserts, Including Cheesecake, Shortcakes, Cookies, and More
These easy Easter desserts are just what you need to end your dinner on a sweet note.

To finish the Easter feast, you need a dessert that’s both dramatic and delicious. It should also be either simple to put together at the last minute or made ahead and ready to be served. Whichever route you choose, there are great options in this collection of our favorite easy Easter desserts.
These seasonal sweet treats feature the flavors of spring—lemon, rhubarb, and strawberries—in crisp, cobbler, cookie, and cake form. You’ll also find a smattering of treats from storied Easter traditions, like Greek cookies and Russian pashka; Martha’s take on the molded dessert is truly spectacular but also simple to make.


This Stunning Coastline Was Just Named the Most ‘Unforgettable’ Natural Landmark in the U.S.
The Na Pali Coast along the island of Kauai in Hawaii ranked No. 10 among natural landmarks around the world.

What makes something “unforgettable?” Is it the smell? The view? The people you’re with? Or a whole host of other intangibles? It can be all that and more. And if you’re looking to chase down a few more unforgettable moments, Explore Worldwide has some suggestions.
The travel website unveiled its list of the most unforgettable landmarks around the globe, including one truly spectacular place in the United States.


Shredding under an eclipse … it doesn’t get more eApril’s Solar Eclipse Is a Once-in-a-lifetime Event for North American Skiers — Here’s Where to View It on the Slopespic than that.
If you’ve ever been skiing at dusk, you know how beautiful it is to watch the sunset over mountain peaks while getting a final run or two under your belt. On Monday, April 8, 2024, you can experience that same vision twice within a few hours when a total solar eclipse comes to North America, bringing darkness in the day to a bevy of ski resorts.
Most of North America’s leading ski regions will only see a partial solar eclipse that day, with mountains in Colorado (about 65 percent), Utah (about 50 percent), California (about 35 percent), and British Columbia (about 20 percent) all within the moon’s outer shadow. Only within the 115-mile-wide path of totality will it get dark, and the sun’s beautiful corona — its spiky white outer atmosphere — be visible to the naked eye.

[Photo Credit: carltoncannes.com, tristanauer.com]

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