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Posted on March 01, 2024


PinBeefbar Restaurant – Santorini, Greece

It’s FRIDAY, darlings. You made it. Smell the sea air and sip your cocktail smugly.


Celebrities Are Bringing Main Character Energy to the Red Carpet — Literally
Stars are dressing the part long after their movies wrap.

Celebrities and their stylists are leaning into fantasy and imagination in 2024, making red carpets feel more akin to Paris Fashion Week than stuffy awards ceremonies. This recent trend towards the conceptual — whether it be dressing for yourself or staying in character — proves that boring and predictable is very much out when hitting the red carpet. It’s a celebration of fashion that even the late, great Joan Rivers would approve.


What’s going on with Kate Middleton? Depends who you ask
The future queen hasn’t been seen in public since Christmas, and speculation is reaching a tipping point.

What’s going on with Kate Middleton? If you haven’t asked yourself this question during the past week, then you probably haven’t seen the endless chatter that seems to be taking over social media. First, let’s get this out of the way: The future queen most likely is indeed recovering from abdominal surgery, just as Kensington Palace said she is. But a confluence of factors—and the public’s rabid preoccupation with celebrity gossip—have converged to make some people online think that something is very amiss.


Oscars 2024: These are the only 8 women ever nominated for Best Director
In all these years, less than 10 women have been nominated for the prestigious award.

We’ve all heard about the #OscarsSoMale and #OscarsSoWhite campaigns, but what about women?
In one category things continue to look bleak. Since the Oscars awarded their first golden statue in 1929, over 400 directors have been nominated. But only eight women have ever been recognised by the Academy with a nomination in all that time.
But it gets even more shocking: of those eight women, only three women have ever been awarded the Oscar for Best Director. And no one can tell us that there were no other good female directors apart from these.


Ann Lowe, Jackie Kennedy’s Wedding Dress Designer, Was Almost Left Out of Fashion History. Charlene Prempeh Wants to Make Sure That Won’t Happen Again.
In her new book, the author of Now You See Me: An Introduction to 100 Years of Black Design explores the relationship between identity and creativity. “This body of work serves as a timely reminder of why it’s important to scrutinize the way people are treated and to think about what the outcomes are when Black people are treated with a lack of integrity,” she recently told Vanity Fair.


Karen Gillan Wants To Be Cast In The Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Experience
The Glasgow-based event has been compared to 2019’s doomed Fyre Festival.

If there’s one thing Glasgow’s Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Experience did successfully manage to do, it’s unite the internet in laughter and total hysteria.
Organised by events company House Of Illuminati, which advertised the experience using AI-scripted posters and adverts, the ‘immersive event’ has gone viral on the internet thanks to the lack of correlation between what it was billed as and what expectant visitors actually experienced. In short, it’s yet another example of Instagram versus reality, and it has left the internet in hysterics.


Is Beauty a Hobby?
And if so, why don’t we talk about it the same way we talk about golf or gardening?

I saw a TikTok the other day that stuck with me. It covered the topic of so-called “girl hobbies,” and proposed that participating in beauty rituals is, in fact, a hobby. Is a monthly hair color appointment considered a hobby? A routine brow appointment? Shopping for skincare? I wasn’t so sure.
Trying to fall asleep that night, I ruminated on the idea. If golfing and knitting and cooking are hobbies, then surely beauty can be, too. But I still felt a bit of hesitation at unilaterally accepting the idea, because while they may be leisurely activities for some, beauty treatments are a mandatory chore for others. Can something be both a hobby and a requirement for social acceptance?


The Best 2024 Perfumes Put a Spin on the Classics
Armani and Aerin both gave their best sellers a citrus twist.

Picking a perfume always has been, and always will be, highly personal. It’s possible you choose your fragrance to trigger a certain memory. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same signature scent for well over a decade. Or, you might stand firm in the power of a fragrance wardrobe that allows you to layer a range of different notes. Whatever the case, the best perfumes of 2024 will add a welcome new scent profile to your collection.


27 Pizza Recipes to Perfect
Use fresh, high-quality ingredients and our foolproof dough recipes for homemade pizza that beats dining out or ordering delivery any day of the week.

If you haven’t taken the leap and made pizza at home yet, consider this your road map. We have step-by-step instructions for classics like Margherita, Grandma Pie, and plain cheese pizza that delivers “perfection on a plate.” Cacio e pepe pizza is a fun riff on the signature Roman pasta, while breakfast pizza proves that you can absolutely eat pizza for every single meal. (And since dessert pizza exists too, why wouldn’t you?) Once you’re a pizza-making pro, put these go-to pizza recipes in rotation.


How to Write the Perfect Wedding Vows
A wedding ceremony can take many forms. A couple may choose to have music performed as they glide down a flower-lined aisle, or keep things simple at a courthouse. A religious officiant could provide blessings, or a friend might give an original speech about the couple. At the core of every wedding, however, are the vows exchanged and agreed to by saying “I do.” While many choose to follow a traditional script prompted by their officiant (“in sickness and health,” or “til death do us part”), an increasing number of newlyweds prefer to recite an original set of vows—words they’ve written to reflect the unique qualities of their relationship, and their promises for one another as they begin the next phase of life as a married couple.


Adele Postpones Las Vegas Residency Due to Illness: “It’s All Taken a Toll on My Voice”
The singer said her March performances will be rescheduled for later dates.

Adele has revealed that she had to postpone several dates of her Las Vegas residency due to an illness that has taken a toll on her voice.
The Grammy-winning singer shared the news on her Instagram Tuesday, writing, “Sadly I have to take a beat and pause my Vegas residency. I was sick at the end of the last leg and all the way through my break,” she continued. “I hadn’t quite gotten the chance to get back to full health before shows resumed and now I’m sick again, and unfortunately it’s all taken a toll on my voice. And so on Doctors orders I have no choice but to rest thoroughly.”


RuPaul Doesn’t See How That’s Any of Your Business
The drag star brought the form mainstream, and made an empire out of queer expression. Now he fears “the absolute worst.”

“Drag Race” often focusses on competitors who are profoundly marginalized. Almost all the drag queens on the show are queer, and many are people of color, who come from backgrounds where they faced homophobia, racism, or transphobia. For them, drag can be a lifeline, affording a sense of community and an opportunity to transmute stigmatized traits into something exuberant. “It’s armor, ’cause you’re putting on a persona. So the comments are hitting something you created, not you,” Jinkx Monsoon, who has won two seasons of the show, told me. “And then it’s my sword, because all of the things that made me a target make me powerful as a drag queen.”


The less-than-magical Willy Wonka event, briefly explained
The viral fiasco in Scotland that made kids cry — and prompted calls to police.

Willy Wonka, a storybook character who’s known for the extraordinary treats he creates, was recently featured in an event that was anything but.
In Glasgow, Scotland, families looking forward to an immersive event billed as “Willy’s Chocolate Experience” were met with what they described as an empty warehouse filled with lackluster decorations and few, if any, of the promised treats. Instead, parents and kids were given a half cup of lemonade and two jelly beans each, hardly the “world of pure imagination” they signed up for.


Dune: Part Two explained, for someone who has no idea what Dune is
The good, the bad, and the Bene Gesserit of Dune: Part Two.

Like a Harkonnen soldier levitating around in the endless desert, one can find oneself a bit lost when it comes to Dune. On paper, the franchise has everything a science fiction space opera needs: telepathic matriarchs with hostile accents, ostentatious helmets, slimy villains that resemble pudding, a coming-of-age story about destiny, and colossal worms that shake the sand like a T. rex in Jurassic Park. Yet, after seeing each of director Denis Villeneuve’s interpretations — two now, clocking in at nearly five and a half hours of Dune — I find myself with more questions than answers about how this world works, who’s bad, who’s good, and what the worms on Arrakis eat.


Surrealism Is 100. The World’s Still Surreal.
Exhibitions around the world are celebrating the art movement’s centennial and asking whether our crazy dreams can still set us free.

A century later, what does Surrealism still have to offer us? Do its philosophical and political arguments have anything to say about contemporary life? Do we still, even in the faintest way, hear that Surrealist commandment: “Transform the world, change life”?
Museum directors, curators and art historians around the world will attempt to answer such questions this year, and Surrealism exhibitions will be everywhere, all at once.


Superman: Legacy reveals first glimpse of new suit, gets updated title
Director and DC Studios head James Gunn confirms filming has begun — on Superman’s birthday.

Hollywood’s next incarnation of Superman has officially taken flight, albeit with a new title.
Director and DC Studios cohead James Gunn officially announced filming has begun on 2025’s Superman: Legacy, which stars David Corenswet as the Man of Steel, Rachel Brosnahan as ace reporter Lois Lane, and Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luthor. The news comes with a first look at the titular hero’s suit, as well as a new title for the movie.


How the Academy and Hattie McDaniel’s family restored her Oscar legacy
Director and President of the Academy Museum Jacqueline Stewart and McDaniel’s great-grandnephew Kevin John Goff take EW behind the efforts to replace McDaniel’s lost award.

Hattie McDaniel proclaimed her Academy Award for playing Mammy in Gone With the Wind to be a “beacon” for her future.
The first Black actor to win an Oscar, she remained the only woman to do so for 51 years.
In bequeathing her plaque to Howard University, she hoped to inspire future generations of Black artists. But that beacon’s light dimmed when her award went missing at the end of the 1960s. For years, fans and the actress’s family hoped for a replacement, including McDaniel’s great-grandnephew Kevin John Goff.


The Right Way to Store Asparagus to Keep It Fresh and Crisp
Because this favorite spring vegetable is too good to waste.

Asparagus is one of our favorite spring vegetables, something we look forward to during the dark days of winter. Once spring comes around, bright and delicious asparagus is in regular rotation on our menus. But to get the most from every bunch, it’s important to know how to store this perennial vegetable—after all, who wants limp, old spears? They should always be green and crisp. Ahead, learn the best ways to store asparagus to keep it fresh for longer.


15 Edible Ground Cover Plants That Will Add Color to Your Garden—and Flavor to Your Cooking
These low-growing plants look beautiful and taste delicious

Ground covers have many benefits in the landscape—they can choke out weeds, control erosion on slopes, fill in bare patches in your lawn, and bring beauty into your garden. Beyond these amazing practical and aesthetic pros, many ground covers also taste delicious and can be harvested and used in your cooking. From flowers that add color to meals and beverages to stems and leaves that make for great garnishes, the low-growing ground covers on this list are all edible and absolutely delicious.


The Unexpected Red Theory Will Change the Way You Approach Interior Design
Designers share their tips on the viral trend that shows us how small additions of color can have an outsized impact.

Burgundy and blush, crimson and scarlet, candy apple and carnelian—vibrant splashes of red are undeniably of the moment in home décor. What began in the fashion world as a fun way to add a pop of color to an outfit has transformed into the latest interior design trend. The “unexpected red” theory is taking social media by storm, and though the color is timeless, red is getting noticed for the way it seems to go with anything and everything effortlessly.
We spoke to designers to learn more about the trend and learn how to incorporate it at home. Ahead, everything you need to know to liven up your space with some unexpected red.


Bookshelf Wealth Is the Ultimate Design Trend for Readers
Bookshelf wealth is all about surrounding yourself with the books that you love.

There’s a trend sweeping social media called “bookshelf wealth,” and, fair warning, the images are bound to give you home envy if you love books, count reading as your main hobby, or are simply susceptible to cozy rooms that invite you in to nap. Some trends, like Parisian décor and quiet luxury, have real staying power, and this one has all the hallmarks. We spoke with designers about what bookshelf wealth is and how to get the look in your home.


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