BARBIE London Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on July 13, 2023


We gave lead Barbies Margot Robbie and Issa Rae their own spotlight posts, but OF COURSE the entire population of the Barbie London premiere pink carpet turned out looks. We didn’t say they were all great looks, and a couple of them are downright terrible ones, but make no mistake, looks were served. Let’s judge them, shall we?


Alexandra Shipp in VersacePin


Both the suit and the hair are hot. The mani and the shoes are also hot and on point. The idea of a glittery butterfly bra for a Barbie premiere is a good one, but the reality just isn’t living up to it.


America Ferrera in Roland MouretPin


We’re a little underwhelmed with the dress design. It’s just okay, and we think the neckline is too wide. Had she ditched those awful sheer gloves and switched out the shoes for silver sandals, this could be rescued.


Dua Lipa in VersacePin


It’s a hot dress, but the look is overstyled. You need to give that frock some room to breath and the choker situation and the sandals aren’t letting it. It’s also too tight in the bust.


Emma Mackey in Saint LaurentPin


It’s the perfect gown for killing everyone in the senior class on prom night, but it’s pretty bland on a Barbie red carpet.


Greta Gerwig in ErdemPin

This is a fun and glamorous way to straddle that actress/director line on the red carpet.


Hari Nef in Dilara FındıkoğluPin


Well, it’s definitely not dull – and if you think that’s a terribly strained pun referencing the state of all those butter knives, you would be correct. Look, we’re happy to see someone bring a little edge to this cotton candy promotional tour. We’ll even go so far as to say we love the bodice design, but we think the skirt looks so bad that it brings the entire look down.


Ncuti Gatwa in ValentinoPin


Continuing in that vein, we’re always supportive of the queers showing up in something to make the straights gasp or tsk. And we certainly have to applaud him for never skipping leg day, which is why we must also support the sequined booty shorts. But our support ends there, we’re afraid. Everything else about this look is kind of clownishly awkward.


Nicola Coughlan in WiederhoeftPin


It’s softly pretty and retro glam, which is exactly where her style sweet spot lies. Our only quibbles are that the colors don’t really pop in pictures and the hem is too high.


Ryan Gosling in GucciPin


Y’know, everyone’s been rightly lauding Margot Robbie’s style team’s ability to source an endless supply of Barbie dresses, but we’ve got to give some props to Ryan for somehow tapping into an endless stream of sherbet-colored suits. This looks great on him. He’s got a real knack for light sleaze.


Sam Smith in VetementsPin


Oof. The queers just are not bringing it to this one. Look, we’re happy if they’re comfortable, but this looks horrible. No one would’ve been mad at them for showing up in something un-Barbie-like. There are only so many pink suits or dresses in the world, after all. But this comes off like petulance.


Sharon Rooney in Natalie & AlannaPin

This would be perfect without the bow.


Simu Liu in FendiPin


It took us forever to zero in on why this made our eyes instinctively roll. It’s the sweater. Ditch that and this becomes hot and about 75% less douchey.


Will FerrellPin

He wore a pink tie and he’s happy to be here. We’ve kept our expectations low and he did just fine for himself.


[Photo Credit: John Phillips/Getty Images for Warner Bros/Mario Mitsis/Cover Images, Nils Jorgensen/INSTARimages]

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