Meghan Markle in Louis Vuitton at the 2022 Ripple of Hope Awards

Posted on December 07, 2022

Last night, Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex did something that we’ve been waiting to see more of from them: walked a red carpet. No, really. And we don’t even mean that for shallow reasons. Not entirely, anyway. Meghan and Harry attended the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Gala, where they received the organization’s Ripple of Hope Award. As for that red carpet stroll…


It’s not really something you see royals do. They’re more the “receiving line” type. We’ve always felt that, if M&H are serious about making America their home base and living a life off the royal grid, then the trappings of American celebrity make their best PR tool. Despite the consistently wrong allegations that the two of them left royal life for privacy, that’s never been their stated goal for their lives. They always wanted control over their choices so that they could continue doing the kind of advocacy and spokesperson-based work they both enjoy doing (and is, in many ways, the only job for which he’s well-trained). Celebrity was always the plan, not least because there’s just no way for Prince Harry to lead a fully private life. So if William and Kate host diplomatic receptions and do Commonwealth tours, these two American royals should be doing more TV talk shows and red carpets, if that’s the life they’re trying to build for themselves. Not just for the attention, but because it more firmly locks them into the public’s mind as stars rather than royals, which is something that can only help them going forward, as royal life recedes in the rearview mirror. This is exactly the kind of event/award/appearance plenty of A-list American stars would be making the week their high-profile Netflix series launches.

The dress is very Meghan: neutral and loosely fitted. It wouldn’t be our recommendation of silhouette for her (that waist hits way too high), but it’s a dramatic look. Can’t say we love the black pumps with it.


Style Credits:
– Custom Louis Vuitton White Off-the-shoulder Dress
– Princess Diana’s Aquamarine Ring


[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/ Images]

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