George and Amal Clooney and The Stars of TICKET TO PARADISE at the World Premiere

Posted on September 08, 2022

We gave Julia Roberts the spotlight treatment because how often do we get to do a solo Julia Roberts post around these parts? But the entire red carpet at the premiere of Ticket to Paradise, her new rom com with George Clooney was a stylish affair and attention must be paid.



George Clooney and Amal Clooney (in John Galliano)

George famously used to talk about the one tuxedo he owned and how he wore it every red carpet, which was an often-offered piece of information that seemed designed to make the Italian villa owner seem like a bit more of an everyman type, but all we could see for years and years was how much his one tux had started looking like a ragged rental. We won’t make the assumption that his wife somehow took a hand in his professional style, because that plays into a lot of retrograde gender ideas. She’s got her own job and it’s not about dressing her husband. That’s what stylists are for and we thank George’s for finally getting him in a new, spiffy 3-piece suit. She also looks pretty great. Sometimes she’ll overdo things a little on the red carpet, but this is perfectly styled.



Billie Lourd in Rodarte

This may come as a shock, but we’ve never been pregnant in front of a wall of photographers, so for all we know, maybe that “grabbing onto your bump” thing is an automatic defensive posture. It does tend to make for some odd poses, though. We half wonder if poses like these are why so many conspiracy theorists accuse various celebrity women of faking their pregnancies. Anyway, we really like the design here; the way it combines glam and twee to make for a red carpet-appropriate maternity look that feels very true to her personality. The sleeves aren’t entirely to our liking, but she looks cute.



Lucas Bravo in Giorgio Armani

Pretty man, you’d look so much better in a dress shirt and tie. T-shirts with double-breasted suits just don’t work for us.



Kaitlyn Dever

The more we look at this, the more we love it. We tend to think her red carpet style is a little too mousy and un-declarative, but this feels right. It’s got an eye-catching shape to it, but it isn’t weighed down with a lot of fuss or embellishment, which is her preference, we suspect. It’s got just the right amount of drama to keep the focus on her and she looks great in it. We keep trying to find a place to add some showier jewelry, but the more we take it all in, the more we think it’s all just right for her.




[Photo Credit: PA Images/ Images]

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