Drag Queens Are No Harder for Kids to Grasp Than Clowns, Teletubbies, or Disney Characters

Posted on June 28, 2022


We had the privilege of the opportunity to expand on our recent podcast with an editorial in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

In a time when a hugely popular show like RuPaul’s Drag Race has been a reliable Emmy winner, it might seem strange to think that drag queens are under attack. But these attacks are less about drag queens and much more about making LGBTQ allies nervous. That they are happening during Pride month is not a coincidence.

Let’s be clear here. Drag is no harder for kids to grasp than clowns, Teletubbies, or Disney characters. A drag queen is no more confusing to them than a talking pig in a dress, a talking sponge in pants, or a man in wig and makeup trying to sell them Chicken McNuggets. Kids innately understand drag because some form of it makes up a lot of their entertainment already. I know this because that’s exactly how I framed the subject when a child asked me to explain drag queens to them.

We’d be ever so grateful if you clicked on over and read the whole thing.




[Picture credit: Ray Chavez for the Inquirer]

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