Helen Mirren in Needle & Thread at THE DUKE Premiere

Posted on February 09, 2022

Queen Helen has returned to the red carpet and she’s turned to an unexpected member of the royal family for a little style inspiration. No, not the Queen. She’s done that bit. This time, she took a page from Cathy Cambridge’s book.


It’s not the exact same dress that the Duchess of Cambridge wore back in the Before Times, but it’s a pretty close match, coming from the same design house. It’s pretty, it suits her, and it takes a great picture. As far as the design goes, we love the skirt (yes, including the flounce), but we have a few nitpicks about the bodice. Hate the ruffled neckline and shoulders; wish the sleeves ended in some sort of cuff. The jewelry is, as per the usual with queens, gorgeous.

And now, controversy. She’s been growing her hair out all year, but Dame Helen, please allow these two lowly bitches to suggest that you look ever so much fresher with a great cut.





It feels like this movie just dropped from the sky or something. We never even heard of it and apparently it’s been sitting all through the pandemic, waiting for a release date.


Style Credits:
Needle & ThreadAurelia‘ Long-sleeve Sequin-embellished Gown

Styled by Rachel Fanconi | Hair by Charley McEwen | Makeup by Amanda Jackson-Sytner


[Photo Credit: Nils Jorgensen/Instarimages.com, needleandthread.com – Video Credit: Sony Pictures Classics/YouTube]

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