Golden Globes 2020: Helen Mirren in Dior Couture

Posted on January 07, 2020

And now it’s time to spend a moment with Queen Helen of the sovereign nation of Fuckinfantastica, serving you beauty, elegance, and four million dollars’ worth of Harry Winston diamonds like she woke up in them.




Saoirse Ronan’s underwhelming Celine notwithstanding, we think Dame Helen and Ana de Armas managed to effectively argue that, for major awards shows, it’s often best to work the classics. This classically shaped gown and Ana’s have two elements that Saoirse’s lacked: dramatic sweep and a rich, deeply flattering color. There’s no checklist of elements that will guarantee a great red carpet moment, but in our not inconsiderable experience documenting this silly little circus, if we had to compile a list of the style aspects most likely to result in a positive outcome, drama and color would definitely be top of the list. This dame looks, quite simply, gorgeous.


As an aside, attention should be paid to Queen Helen’s ability to werk a skirt. She’s known for producing these highly photogenic moments when she plays with her dress and we have to say, very few stars manage that sort of thing without looking a little silly half the time. She looks like a perfume ad every time she does it. It’s not exactly the most important skill in the world to have, but plenty of well-paid supermodels have made their entire careers on that one talent.




Style Credits:
Christian Dior Custom Chiffon Couture Gown
Harry Winston Cascading Diamond Drop Necklace, Secret Cluster Diamond Earrings with Ruby Drops and Winston Cluster Diamond Ring
Judith Leiber Couture Clutch

Styled by Lee Harris | Hair by Richard Collins | Makeup by Jo Strettell




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