HBO’s “Euphoria” Season 2 Photo Call

Posted on January 07, 2022

Zendaya may have rated her own spotlight post, as she tends to do when it comes to her red carpet choices, but that doesn’t mean her Euphoria castmates failed to turn it out for their time on the season premiere red carpet. The whole event was locked down and closed to the public with only one photographer present, all so these folks could werq their wares freely. The very least we could do in response to their extensive efforts is to judge them. We’re providing a community service, really.


Alexa Demie in Balenciaga

It’s Balenciaga, so it’s gorgeous and of high quality, but it’s a fairly standard design and the backdrop isn’t helping. Given how popular the all-black “red” carpet has become, we think celebs who default to the non-color are risking a set of so-so pictures at best. In other words, if this had been red, we’d have loved it.



Angus Cloud in Versace

This is fun, cute and well-suited (pun intended more or less) to him. We might have complained about the puddling pants and slightly oversized fit in another instance, but they’re entirely the point here.



Austin Abrams

Meh. Unmemorable and seemingly low-effort.




Colman Domingo

We love his sense of adventure but we think the proportions are off here. We can understand the cropped pants with those fabulous boots, but the sleeves on the coat and the waistband of the sweater are also too high. The hem of the coat also isn’t great in conjunction with the hem of the pants. It’s all serving to distort his shape, unfortunately.





Dominic Fike in Saint Laurent

We think the combination of hair, brooch, and ruffles is what makes this look. He looks quietly great. This is how you do an all-black ensemble that stands out (slightly) from a black background. Gives us shapes and textures and contrasting elements.



Eric Dane





Hunter Schafer in Prada

We love the color and the unusual neckline. We don’t love the sleeves and we think the hem should hit lower.




Jacob Elordi in Celine

The only interesting thing happening is the footwear, which doesn’t go with the rest of the outfit at all.




Maude Apatow in Saint Laurent

We don’t know. It’s cute and all, but we’d think if you had access to a Saint Laurent collection, you’d want to pick something that looks fine enough to bear the label. It’s not that this looks cheap so much as it looks a little basic to us.




Sydney Sweeney in Miu Miu

Not that it’s a competition, but this is the only look that stood toe to toe with Zendaya’s. We might raise an eyebrow or two at the combination of crop top, opera gloves and what looks like a belly chain, but it’s such a dramatic look overall and she’s working the shit out of it. We can’t help but love it.



[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images]]

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