Pop Style Opinionfest: Cringing at “And Just Like That…,” Cheering for “Yellowjackets”

Posted on January 07, 2022


Darlings, we’re BACK! And to absolutely no one’s surprise, we’re full of opinions on a range of subjects.

First, we’re gonna rant a little at you about Lin Manuel Miranda and the cast of Hamilton being introduced by Nancy Pelosi during yesterday’s observance of the 1/6 anniversary and why it was so blinkered and wrong-headed.

Then, we’re gonna rant a little at you about And Just Like That and its turn for the worse since last we spoke, unpacking both the sledgehammer-subtle writing as well as the show’s overall dreary-as-hell view of aging.

And finally, we’re gonna rant a little at you (something of a theme this – and every other – week) about why you should be watching the amazing Yellowjackets if you’re not already doing so.



And for those of you who are watching Yellowjackets, we stacked the last ten minutes with a spoiler-filled discussion full of theories about the many unfolding mysteries of the show.



All that ranting and raving and we still managed to work in a short tribute to Betty and Sidney, who lived long and well and both cast shadows that will last another century.



[Photo Credit: Disney+, Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max, Paul Sarkis/Showtime]

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