Billie Eilish in Simone Rocha on “Saturday Night Live”

Posted on December 13, 2021

Okay, we absolutely adore this look.



She’s a ridiculous Christmas folk princess and we are compelled to declare our love for it. It’s impractical, the boots are downright silly, and we wouldn’t really consider this high fashion in any setting (this one included). But aside from the pure theatricality of it and the appropriateness for standing on a stage all done up in holiday decor, we love it because it stays true to her own ideas and predilections regarding fashion and how it’s imposed on young female stars. She’s playing with the absurdity. It’s fun to watch. Don’t take our word for it:





Style Credits:
Simone Rocha Embroidered Sheer Dress from the Spring 2022 Collection


[Photo Credit: Will Heath/NBC, – Video Credit: Saturday Night Live/YouTube]

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