Style File: “Antlers” Star Keri Russell in Kwaidan Editions and Proenza Schouler

Posted on October 26, 2021

Keri Russell has what looks like an extremely intense horror movie coming out and she’s waited for this moment a long time, considering the official trailer was released in December of 2019. This must be such a weird time for the actors in all these two-year-old movies coming out. Usually, a late release implies that the film is poo, so it must have been oddly stressful for some of them to be sitting on these projects for so long. This concludes our momentary (and highly uncharacteristic) “Let’s feel sorry for celebrities moment. Now we switch to “Let’s judge celebrities’ choices” mode, because girlfriend made some choices.




We truly don’t like to make style dictums or commandments, darlings. For one, we’re in no position to be issuing orders and we kind of pride ourselves on being flexible. No, really. Anyway, never, ever, ever wear a large-scale floral in a yellow-and-brown color scheme. If you find yourself considering it, immediately cut the pumpkin spice out of your life and get ahold of yourself, dammit. We’ve tried to avoid this phrase as much as possible over the years because it becomes something of a style commentary cliche after a while, but this is the epitome of a “grandma’s couch” floral.

Now the nice part: The style and silhouette look fantastic on her. We actually like the brown  part of her skirt and would’ve loved to have seen an entire skirt in that textile. The photograph on the bottom is insanely distracting, but honestly kind of hypnotic. It’s so weird it made us smile.



It’s okay. We don’t particularly love the white bra top underneath, only because it looks so bulky. The general design is fine, but we would have liked a little streamlining and (as always) a little color somewhere.







Style Credits:
First Look: Kwaidan Editions Floral Print Velvet Mock Top and Skirt from the Fall 2021 Collection
Second Look: Proenza Schouler Layered Midi Dress with Twist Bra


[Photo Credit: Roger Wong/,,]

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