Pop Style Opinionfest: It Doesn’t Matter How You Dune

Posted on October 29, 2021

What? Like you thought we weren’t going to get our nerd on for one of the most discussed movies of the year? A movie where the costumes are breathtaking and the men are gorgeous? Darlings, have you met us?

Yes, we’re all in for Dune and we’ve got much to say about it and all of the conversations surrounding it. We’ll give you a review without any spoilers, but you know us. We can’t be happy with something so simple. Instead, after we each give our take on the film, we dive into certain questions and elements, the costume design being one of the most important. We talk about how the film pulls references from cultures all over earth, but how it has something of a blind spot when it comes to anything inspired by Middle Eastern or North African cultures. We talk about who gave some of the more surprisingly intense performances, what our favorite scene is, and possibly most interesting of all, how the film works for those who have read the book (Lorenzo) and those who have not (Tom). You might be surprised what each of us has to say on that front.

And finally, we take the film commentary community to task for its snobbery; specifically, the recent kerfuffle that arose when an IndieWire editor claimed to berate a friend for watching Dune at home, which she claimed was “disrespectful” to the filmmakers. Not only do we go into why that’s bullshit, but we also put it in historical context, comparing it to other rather poorly aged takes about the platonic ideal of cinema-watching.



All that PLUS an aside about why AppleTV+’s Invasion sucks and a little bit of gloating at the recent news regarding the bot  swarm surrounding Meghan Markle. Thank you for listening, dolls!


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