“Walking Dead” Star Lauren Cohan Covers Women’s Health Magazine

Posted on September 21, 2021

Lauren Cohan fights zombies on The Walking Dead, but with only a handful of episodes left to air, the zombie chapter of her life is almost over. As October’s Women’s Heath October cover star, she reveals how she slays real-life demons and her plan of attack for a healthy perspective, fight-ready bod, and happy life. With a revived outlook and a flourishing grasp on how to appreciate and savor every moment, Lauren Cohan is primed for whatever may come her way.






On why she took a hiatus from social media: “I needed a mental health break. When I think of health, I think of my mind first. It was about getting away from that culture of comparison.”

On how she redirects her energy when she’s feeling anxious: “I see where I can be useful somewhere else. When I’m not focused on my output, and I’m looking at the energy I can give on-set or in a social situation instead, I immediately feel so much relief. I’m able to be present and see things the way they really are. It’s a relief to remember that you’re a speck, and that there is a big picture, and to get over yourself.”

On taking care of her body: “I’m so much more available to everyone when I’m fit… In between stunts or when I have emotional scenes, to keep connected to myself, I run up and down staircases, I run around the building, I do pushups in the corner, I do high knees, I do lunges…. It feels great. Every time I feel really strong, I say, Just be here, just stay in the zone.”

On returning to Instagram in July:  “I’ve been excited to go back. My viewpoint has changed. It’s refreshing to be inspired, and it has the power to be uplifting.”

On feeling optimistic and open-minded about her present and future: “I felt a genuine, legitimate, let-go moment the other day where I thought, Maybe you don’t do anything. My brain wanting a plan was me not having enough faith in the unknown. But if your principles are rock solid, then the place you’re supposed to go is unmissable.”


The October 2021 issue of Women’s Health hits newsstands nationwide on September 28.



[Photo Credit: Ben Watts/Women’s Health Magazine]

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