Storm Reid in Prada at “The Suicide Squad” Premiere

Posted on August 03, 2021

Storm Reid dressed up an already fairly focus-pulling look with one detail that sucked up so much focus, you almost can’t see the rest of it. Can you guess what we’re talking about?


We knew you could.

While we simply cannot deny the flex here, we also can’t help thinking what an enormous pain in the ass that must be to carry around all night. Granted, she’s pretty into it and clearly loves showing it off. Folks might get a little huffy about it dragging on the floor, but a red carpet is a fairly pristine ground covering and she’s posing for pictures. We doubt she was dragging it around on the sidewalk. In fact, we like to think she had a hair attendant for the night; someone to carry it around for her and wrangle it in the ladies room for her.

Anyway that top and skirt are pretty cute, even if they do remind us of our IKEA grommet curtains.



Style Credits:
Prada White Radzmire Crop Top and Skirt with All-over Metal Eyelets Embroidery
Prada ‘Symbole’ Silver and Black Enamel Earrings
Prada Black Satin Platforms

Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Nai’vasha| Makeup by Joanna Simkin


[Photo Credit: RobinLori/, Eric Charbonneau/Courtesy of Warner Brothers, Courtesy of Prada]

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