Style File: Heidi Klum Puts on a Fashion Show on the Way into “America’s Got Talent”

Posted on April 14, 2021

Having written more about her style choices than almost any other celebrity (and for longer), we have a pretty good handle on what Heidi Klum prefers and where her pitfalls are when it comes to red carpets. When it comes to the sidewalk, however, not only are all bets off; not only do you never know what to expect, but in recent years, it’s turned out to be the place where you see Heidi at her absolute best. It seems strange that a former runway model is way better at street style than red carpet style, but the thing you have to remember about models is that being good at picking outfits is not in the job description and many of them are utterly clueless about (or outright reject the idea of ) good style. The Heidster may love a tacky frock on the red carpet, but her streetwear and daywear is chic and occasionally comes off like the wardrobe of a jet-setting European tourist. To be fair, it’s likely she’s had a stylist put these together (different high-end shades each day is a dead giveaway), but over time it’s become clear that her casual wear is where the real Klum style game resides.



What’s to critique here? The dress looks amazing on her and the accessories are perfectly chosen. This is her sun-kissed blonde model look; all hair and tan and legs with a slightly hippy-dippy vibe to it.




This is her super chic Mom-on-the-go look; simple, wearable, relatable and bold enough to take a great picture from half a block away. We said last week that white women should be careful about wearing that trendy bright green, but here’s the Kluminator, making it look easy (the golden tan helps). Are the accessories perhaps a bit too matchy? Maybe, but we’d argue they tie the whole look together.




And here she is cosplaying “European beauty brand executive.” The proportions on that jumpsuit are a little insane, but she’s making them work – until you get to the bottom. The white boots clash and the width of the pants doesn’t lend them to cuffing. Love the jumpsuit and the rings, but everything else could be reconsidered.



Style Credits:
First Look: Zimmermann Chiffon Mini Dress
Second Look: Dundas Blazer | Celine Bag
Third Look: Frankie Shop Jumpsuit | Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses | Celine Bag


[Photo Credit: Bauergriffin/]

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