Lily Rabe Promotes “The Undoing” in The Vampire’s Wife

Posted on December 03, 2020


We gave The Undoing some pretty high marks when we reviewed it a couple of months back, but the finale wasn’t released to critics and we had to wait until this past Sunday to find out how it all wrapped up. Turns out? It was rank nonsense! Oh, well. At least we had Nicole in her best wig and some eye-popping outerwear. Oh, and Lily Rabe, who damn near stole the whole thing out from under Kidman’s feet every time she got to play the fast-talking, sarcastic, over-achiever best friend. We’d say it’s the kind of role she excels at, but really, her range is so wide that we have yet to see a role she didn’t make perfect.

Anyway, let’s judge her clothes.



If you read us with any regularity you know we are not remotely fans of The Vampire’s Wife’s rather twee prairie-girl aesthetic. Having said that, this looks honestly pretty great on her. It helps that it’s not juvenile and the sweetness factor is tamped down by the use of that dark blue, which really pops with her coloring.



She’s really well-suited to these styles, because we like this one too and we’re a hundred percent sure we’d hate it on so many other wearers. She seems to be the gal who can really work a ruffle and some puffy shoulders.


Style Credits:
First Look: The Vampire’s Wife Floral Dress | Jimmy Choo Shoes
Second Look: The Vampire’s Wife The Total Mayhem Dress | Bondeye Jewelry | Dru. Jewelry | Christian Louboutin Shoes

Styled by Jessica Paster | Hair by Bobby Eliot | Makeup by Jenna Kristina


[Photo Credit: Jessica Paster/Instagram]

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