Kristen Wiig Promotes “Wonder Woman 1984” in The Vampire’s Wife

Posted on December 14, 2020


What is it with the Wonder Woman 1984 cast and their difficulties with posing for a picture? Oh well. Maybe she didn’t want to risk getting her makeup done or something. At least we got a great shot of the dress:




Either we’ve really softened on The Vampire’s Wife or the line has dialed back on all the things about it that tended to put us off. Or maybe it’s just a matter of the last few we’ve seen landing on the exact right person for it. Whatever the reason, we really like this on her. The accentuated shoulder and bishop sleeve combine well, giving it more of a sense of strength than other retro-girly styles. Love the colors and the delicacy of the print as well. And it all works really well with that hairstyle, which lends the whole look a more modern feel. We’d have loved to have seen this in a full-on red carpet setting.


Style Credits:
The Vampire’s Wife ‘Antoinette’ Cream Silk Satin Dress Imprinted with Tiny Floral Motifs


Styled by Karla Welch


[Photo Credit: Bryan Smith Public Relations/Instagram, Courtesy of The Vampire’s Wife,]

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