Gal Gadot Promotes “Wonder Woman 1984” in Prada

Posted on December 14, 2020


Once again, we are taking the opportunity to pretend we have enormous influence over the style and promotional choices of celebrities. Miss Gal has been posting a ton of high-end, eminently bloggable ensembles as part of her promotional tour for Wonder Woman 1984, which is dropping on the 25th. Unforch, and to our intensely prissy annoyance, she keeps doing goofy poses or fooling around on camera, which isn’t helpful to world-famous style bloggers such as we. And while we’d hate to tell any Gal that she can’t have fun, we did see fit to mention in our Friday Leftovers post that we wished she’d stop with the goof-posing and let us just see the lewk. Like a good Amazon soldier, she snapped to position almost immediately:




Yeah, okay, we’re full of it. Even so, we do appreciate letting us see the entire ensemble sans goofiness, Miss Gal. Especially since we LOVE this killer look. The pant suit has evolved away from its Hillaryesque influence of the past few years and we’re seeing takes with way more sharpness and edge to them (Amanda Seyfried’s been crushing it on the suit front, for instance). Loving the unusual and unexpected sweater/shirt combination. It would never occur to us to add a tie and a double-breasted jacket to them, but it really works. And we’re glad to see Gal stick to skinny pants with this one instead of the slightly trendier flares that everyone seems to be sporting lately, although they don’t seem to match the jacket, which is unfortunate. Love the look overall, though. Sharp, declarative, and far away from anything typical or expected.


Style Credits:
Prada Ensemble from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Mark Townsend | Makeup by Sabrina Bedrani


[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram,]

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