Jena Malone at the “Antebellum” Rooftop Cinematic Experience: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 16, 2020

Miss Jena is back on the red carpet and she has made some strong, declarative CHOICES. Which you will now judge because we are too kind-hearted and sensitive to do such a thing. Now brace yourself. This one is not without its shocking twists.



Were you expecting THAT? Are you mad at yourself for not seeing this one coming? Will you be mad at us if we say this is all kinda working for us? We feel that, in these uncertain times, we should probably give most red carpet attendees a little leeway. Not necessarily because we’re grateful for the content (although JESUS KNOWS we are) but because we’re all trying to figure out how to do things and we don’t tend to think high-level expectations are necessarily fair. It depends on the venue, of course. We were extremely happy to see Cate Blanchett pull out the stops for the closing ceremony of the Venice Film Festival, for instance. But Miss Jena’s trying to sell a film on a rooftop while wearing a mask, so we figure a certain level of casualness and comfort is to be expected. Personally, we think the cutoffs look really cute with the jacket. The blouse is kind of a mess and the shoes are a bit of a letdown, but with the hair and makeup – which are both great – we think she’s making this work. That’s us. We don’t matter here. You do. So let’s hear it:

Jena Malone’s Cut-Off Chic:

IN or OUT? 





[Photo Credit: Stewart Cook/EPK.TV, Eric Charbonneau/EPK.TV,]

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