Chloe X Halle for Cosmopolitan Magazine

Posted on September 11, 2020

Grammy-nominated sisters Chloe x Halle [Bailey] cover the October issue of Cosmopolitan on newsstands nationwide on September 15.

They discuss everything from sisterhood and setting boundaries, to releasing an album during quarantine and how coloring is their new wind-down activity.




Chloe on being good to herself and setting boundaries: “Anytime something doesn’t work out, it’s not really healthy to say, ‘I was the reason it messed up.’ I’m still learning that. I’m learning that your happiness, you can’t put on someone else.”

Halle on the release of their most recent album: “Music has been such a healer for the Black community since the beginning of time. Maybe it could help some people distract their minds from quarantine and what’s going on in the world today with hope and positivity.”

Halle on sisterhood: “Whenever we’re apart, I feel like my right arm is missing. I say this all the time: I’m not sure what I would do if I was by myself going through this whole thing.”

Chloe on how she and Halle naturally complement one another: “We’re not trying to force anything or purposely construct two different narratives or suffocate the other into one type of way.”

Halle on what truly matters to her: “I’ve realized the things that matter to me are my happiness, my family, being around the people I love and keeping my spirit clean with their positive energy,” Halle says. “As long as I have that, no matter what happens, I am gucci, I am good.”


[Photo Credit: Ramona Rosales for Cosmopolitan Magazine]

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