Pop Style Opinionfest: Masks, But Make It Fashion

Posted on July 17, 2020


Kittens, if there’s a phrase to sum up this week’s podcast topic, it’s “VAPID NONSENSE!” Just kidding. It’s really all about “THE NEW NORMAL!” Exclamation point!

Look, no one seems to be able to predict where we’re all going to be a month from now, let alone a year from now, but on a personal, professional, and cultural level, we feel like there’s a collective understanding settling in that things are not going to be what we used to think of “normal” again for a good while. For us, covering the worlds of fashion, celebrity and pop culture, we feel like there’s been a shift over the past week or two on all of those fronts. We banter and bicker a bit about what this all means for the future of things like the haute couture shows, New York Fashion Week, the film festival calendar, celebrity promotional techniques, and film and television production. But let’s face it, we’re especially interested in the fashion and red carpet side of things, with observations about how both spheres are evolving and what we can expect in the year to come. Drag queen eye makeup! Brooches instead of earrings! High-fashion mask trends! Way more rooftop photo calls! And such like.


Also: a defense of why these topics matter to the larger picture. If we make masks fashion, masks become normalized.

Whew! Heady stuff! But also said with LOVE. Thanks for listening once again!



[Photo Credit: The Blonds/Instagram]

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