Pop Style Opinionfest: Politics, Social Justice and Pop Culture Colliding

Posted on June 05, 2020

It’s a pod-pourri of political-tinged topics this week because this was the week where no media outlet – not even tiny little indie outfits who don’t trade in political commentary (i.e., us) – can avoid the discussion going on or the events swirling around them. We talk this week about what it’s like to be a small media company and what our responsibilities are during this time. The news media feels like its imploding all around us this week and we talk a bit about the failures of high-ranking editorial figures at publications like The New York Times and Variety this week.

Then it’s short, punchy discussion on three different celebrities and how they intersected with public and/or media outrage as the political winds blow hotter and hotter. The British press could not talk about Meghan Markle’s graduation speech this week without putting their feet in their mouths, Lea Michele had her #BlackLivesMatter message thrown back in her face by a succession of co-workers who called her out for terrible behavior, and some queens took it upon themselves to call out RuPaul for being silent on the issues and events of the day – and then got called out themselves.

Times are complicated as hell and people whose job it is to either talk about the events or be in the public eye are failing left, right and center. And of course, we have opinions about all of them.


Happy birthday, Breonna Taylor and Rest in Power, George Floyd. We say – and write – your names because it’s our responsibility and because listeners and readers were gracious enough to hold us accountable and educate us.






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