“Legendary Children” is the Choice of Queers and Feminists Everywhere! PLUS: We’re Going Insta-LIVE!

Posted on March 27, 2020


Okay, maybe not everywhere, but the following two endorsements made our hearts sing. First, NewNowNext called Legendary Children one of the queer books they can’t wait to read this spring and then BitchMedia put it on their March must-read list for feminists. To paraphrase Samantha Jones, once you get the gays and the feminists, you’ve got it made. For real, though: it means the world to us to get support from these two directions; the queer one for obvious reasons but to be named a must-read for feminists is a bit of a dream come true for us. We wanted so badly for people to know that this wasn’t a book from two cis white men about cis men wearing dresses, and we wanted people to hear that it was about so much more than just Drag Race. Endorsements like these mean everything to us.

In related news, we sat down with the Book Bird blog to sell our book to the UK Kittens.

What was your biggest inspiration to write Legendary Children?

The writing for the book was already well underway when we attended Drag Con in New York, but seeing the vastness of that crowd of ardent fans, the way the crowd was dotted with every representation of queerness you could imagine, and the youth of the show’s fanbase – that’s who we wanted to reach with this book. Those are the folks we were writing to, but not because they were fans of Drag Race. You don’t actually have to be all that well-versed in the show to enjoy this book or get something significant out of it. But we had those Drag Con fans in mind through the rest of the writing process because they were young, because they were broadly queer or queer-adjacent in a modern way that excites us, and they represent everything the previous generations of queers fought for, walking in the pathways our elders and legends wore down through history. We saw a generation of young queer people and their allies and we thought “You know? We’ve got a couple stories you might want to hear.”

And if you just can’t get enough of our big beardy faces and cartoon voices, we’re going LIVE on Instagram this Sunday at 5 pm eastern with The Stacks to chat about Legendary Children. Come visit, darlings! It will almost be like social contact with other human beings!

Again, we’re so thrilled and relieved that even in the middle of *gestures broadly* all of this, our beautiful rainbow unicorn baby is still getting love, still getting attention, still giving folks something to talk about. This is an extremely rough time for authors, especially those of us whose books came out right as all of this hit. We can’t thank all the kittens who have supported the book enough; not just by buying it, but by talking about it, spreading the news on their social media, posting to review sites, and letting us know their favorite parts. But just because we can’t say it enough doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say it, so THANK YOU, darlings. From the bottom of our gay hearts.

Not for nothing, but if you haven’t checked out Legendary Children: The First Decade of RuPaul’s DragRace and the Last Century of Queer Life, a whole bunch of folks say it’s really good and it’s full of inspirational, poignant and heartfelt stories that might just be good for your soul right now. Know that Legends once walked the earth, suffering through hard times and ultimately triumphing. We’re just saying.

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