Zoë Kravitz Talks Best Part of Being Married, “High Fidelity” and “Big Little Lies” for ELLE Magazine

Posted on January 08, 2020

Zoë Kravitz covers the February issue of ELLE and opens up about her new role in Hulu’s ‘High Fidelity’ and why the part of Rob “is the closest thing to me I have ever played”, the best part of being married and her ‘Big Little Lies’ family.



On the new gender-flipped Hulu series High Fidelity where she serves as one of the show’s executive producers, and also stars as Rob: “The part of Rob is the closest thing to me I have ever played. I know Rob so well. I, too, found being a teenager and young adult hard to navigate, and music was a refuge for me, somewhere to hide. I made playlists and would lie on the floor of my room listening to Jeff Buckley, learning the lyrics to songs that were the emotional soundtrack of my life.”

On struggling to fit in after moving to Miami with her father at age 11 and suffering from bulimia: “I didn’t like my new school. I didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere, and I was surrounded by an enormous amount of beauty and posturing. I was a chunky, perfectly normal-looking 15-year-old, but I had this remarkably beautiful skinny mother and a father who was dating a supermodel, and I felt short and ungainly.” At one point, Nicole Kidman—her future costar in Big Little Lies—was secretly engaged to her father, rendering her a potential stepmother. “I was a grumpy teenager with her,” Kravitz remembers. It was a lot to handle, and Kravitz became bulimic. Not long after, she moved to New York, so she was able to hide her condition from her parents at first. But once they discovered what she was going through, she began therapy. She suffered from the illness for about a decade. “I’m okay now,” she says thoughtfully. “But I am very vigilant. It’s a disease, and I never let myself forget that.”

On her Big Little Lies family and how Nicole Kidman views her now: “I learned so much from my Big Little Lies family,” she says. “Much as everyone would like us to have been bitchy and competitive, we all got along so well.” She counts Reese Witherspoon as one of her best friends. And of the once “grumpy teenager,” Kidman now says, “I feel protective, like a big sister, toward her. She is carving her own path with confidence and grace. She’s having a big moment now, but it’s only going to get bigger. She’s a triple threat because she can dance, sing, and act. She is deeply feminine, and she always smells so good!”

On keeping her family close and the best part of being married: “I’m used to my family living in different cities, yet we stay close while all doing our own things.” Does the same go for being a newlywed? “Yes. I mean, Karl has his own career and needs to focus on that, but we’ve been together for a few years now, and we know where we are. If anything, the best part of being married is being able to have the odd fight and knowing neither of us is going to walk out the door. The commitment feels safe.”


This article originally appeared in the February 2020 issue of ELLE.


[Photo Credit: Paola Kudacki/ELLE Magazine]

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