Charlize Theron in Dior at “The View”

Posted on December 18, 2019

Miss Charlize helpfully provides a visual example of two points we tend to make over and over again: Why celebrity promotional style is its own thing, separate from how people dress in the real world and, not unrelated, why actors in buzz-worthy films opening around the holidays would do well to dress seasonally. To wit:



That is a super-chic and fun little Christmas week look. But here’s the thing: we’d never suggest that everyone go around dressed this way at this time of year. First, because green-and-red is a tough combo, not to mention a cliched one, and second (and much more importantly), not everyone observes Christmas. And some folks like to do the holidays in whatever counter-intuitive or against-the-grain way that appeals to them.

But a big part of these promo pushes for Little Women, Bombshell, Cats, and Star Wars: The Last Skywalker (all inspiring a furious round of poledancing this week) is not just to get them considered for awards nominations, but to get folks off their couches over the holiday season and out into the theaters. Much of the advertising for these films over the next two weeks will situate the movie-going experience as either a central part of your holidays or a respite from them. And virtually every talk show set the stars visit right now will be decked out in holiday finery to sometimes absurd extents. No one should think they have to Sugar Plum Fairy it up this time of year, but stars trying to get you to see their little shows during your holiday break should always consider doing the promo work like they’re on an endless holiday party schedule.

Also: not even the stars have to do the above color combo. Jewel tones and metallics – even frosty blues, winter whites, and dramatic, shimmering blacks – are all on point right now. Some might say Charlize’s pants look a little too Christmas tablecloth, but we think she’s really pulling them off.



Style Credits:
Christian Dior Plaid Pants from the Fall 2019 Collection
Eva Fehren Dagger Hoops in Blackened White Gold
Foundrae Necklaces and Earrings
Christian Dior Boots from the Fall 2019 Collection

Styled by Leslie Fremar

[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/,]

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