Sussex Royal Tour Day Two: Meghan Markle Keeps it Cazh

Posted on September 24, 2019

Welp. The style brief for this trip has been well and truly established. The Sussexes are going to keep things as low-key as possible (which is literally one of the stated goals of this trip) by wearing simple day clothes and only partially tucking their shirts in.





So much gossip and supposition swirls around these two that it’s impossible to really suss out what they’re like or what they’re thinking anymore. Still, we suspect this clearly thought-out approach to how they’re presenting themselves to their hosts has a lot of Meghan’s thinking all over it. Let’s face it: any time the royal family goes on a tour to places outside of Europe or North America, the distinct whiff of colonialism tends to waft through the proceedings, no matter how much it’s denied or downplayed. You can’t rewrite history, after all. As the first woman of color to represent the family on a royal tour, we can’t imagine she didn’t have a few thoughts on how she’d like to do things differently, hence the request not to use formal address and the insistence on wearing play clothes. And to be fair to the royals here, we think Meghan’s status as a WOC is exactly why the Sussexes were sent to South Africa. A chance to send a new message, compose a new image. That video of her dancing with the women in Cape Town yesterday, after having declared herself a sister to them was pretty powerful in context.

It’ll be interesting to see the style approach taken for tonight’s reception. Stay tuned.


Style Credits:
Madewell ‘Jean’ Jacket
Mother Denim ‘Looker’ Skinny Jeans
Jennifer Meyer Diamond Bezel & Turquoise Marquise Stud Earrings
Le Specs ‘Bandwagon’ Sunglasses
Madewell The Canvas Medium Transport Tote
Brother Vellies Huaraches 

[Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/PA Images/,]

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