Julianne Moore at the Dior Fashion Show

Posted on September 26, 2019

We always go back and forth on the question of just how much control the stars in the front row of the Paris shows have when it comes to what they can wear. Unlike the New York shows, there’s always a distinct sense of “I had to wear this if I wanted to get in.” Case in point:




In all the years we’ve covered her, we don’t think we’ve ever seen Julianne Moore wear this color – and we know (from all those years of covering her) that she has pretty strict ideas about when and what colors should be deployed in her wardrobe. She likes to play around with volume and silhouette, but this shapeless monk’s robe isn’t the way she normally goes and given her extremely restrained body language, we’re going to go with our first impression, which is that she HATES this.

Girl, we don’t blame you. Here you get on a plane to fly to Paris to sit front row at a Dior show and what do they hand you? A shepherd costume from the local Christmas play. At least you got to wear really ugly shoes with it. We know how much you love that.




[Photo Credit: Marechal Aurore//Abaca/Instarimages.Com]

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