Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Quentin Tarantino and Margot Robbie at the “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” LA Photocall

Posted on July 12, 2019

A game, darlings! A little Friday mental amuse-bouche for you to help you forget literally everything else for the next 300 seconds or so! Are you ready? Gaze at the following picture and ask yourself this most vexing question:

Who’s the biggest asshole?



Is it … Brad?

Actually, fuck being coy: YES IT’S BRAD. What are you, painting your garage, dude? Put some fucking clothes on.



When your director and your co-star are Quentin Tarantino and Leonardo DiCaprio and they’re both underdressed for the occasion BUT THEY STILL LOOK A HELL OF SIGHT BETTER THAN YOU DO, MISTER MOVIE STAR? Congratulations. YOU’RE the asshole.

Meanwhile, let’s make sure the lady does all the heavy lifting:


We’re not feeling it either way, but this entire style effort is so far beyond reproach given the lazy asses of her co-workers that we’d be nuts to nitpick it.



Style Credits:
Margot Robbie: Derek Lam Ensemble from the Fall 2019 Collection

Styled by Kate Young | Hair by Bryce Scarlett | Makeup by Pati Dubroff | Nails by Tom Bachik


[Photo Credit: Eric Charbonneau/CTMG/EPK.TV, Courtesy of Derek Lam]

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