Kristen Stewart at the “Noir et Blanc de Chanel” Event: IN or OUT?

Posted on July 12, 2019


We wondered if Miss Kristen was going to head for the Chanel exits now that Uncle Karl has fled this mortal coil and she no longer needs to serve as anyone’s muse, but it looks like she’s still feeling the brand. Or still has a contract to fulfill.







Our question to you, this lazy high-summer Friday afternoon, is whether or not the ol’ girl’s still got it. This is pretty classic Chanel with just the slightest modern twist. Given her personality and public image, we find ourselves wondering if this sort of traditional-with-an-edge style is really her thing anymore. She’s ALL edge. We take in this whole lewk, from hair to shoes, and we think it’s a got a certain modern chicness to it; that the right lady working all of these exact elements could consider herself slaying it on the style front. But we feel like this is all looking, on her, like the one thing she should never look: a little stale.

Are we wrong about that? We’re asking.

Kristen Stewart’s Chanel Style:

IN or OUT? 


We just feel like there are so many cooler, hotter things to wear out there; much more suited to her than another Chanel tweed.



Style Credits:
– Chanel Ensemble from the Resort 2019 Collection
– Chanel Black and White Lace-up Shoes

Styled by Tara Swennen | Hair by Bridget Brager | Makeup by Jillian Dempsey

[Photo Credit: Getty Images for Chanel,]

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