Louis Vuitton X Exhibition Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on June 28, 2019

Darlings! All your favorite cheek-suckers gathered together in one place, wearing goofy-ass fashion! What more could you want out of a momentary diversion from the stresses of your lives? Put your judgin’ pants on and let’s get to it!



Alicia Vikander

We can’t tell what we’re looking at. Are all of these things part of one dress or is she wearing a blouse over a leather top and skirt? Having pondered these questions for several minutes, we have come to the conclusion that this is not worth spending that much time considering because none of it works. If that’s a top, sure. But the rest? You can keep it, girl.




Hailee Steinfeld

Nothing really coordinates with anything else here, but that’s somewhat to be expected for a front-row celeb at a fashion show. They’re expected to display the merch. It’s a shame, though; because the jacket and the romper look kind of cute, but we can’t really tell because they’re fighting with each other so much.



Jaden Smith

We could do without every single style choice occuring north of his neck, but the suit and kicks look great. The jewelry is borderline obnoxious.



Jennifer Connelly

Every element is so random and has so little to do with any other elements. Normally, this sort of thing would be a cakewalk for her, but she looks decidedly over it. Then again, she always looks like that, which is why she’s our imaginary celebrity friend.



Laura Harrier

HOW? How did this gal manage to snag such a hot, tightly coordinated, perfectly stylish look for this? No one else did. Having said that, the skirt looks weird from the side and that would not have been the direction we’d have recommended for a bag.




Millie Bobby Brown

We don’t much like the hair or makeup, each of which seem a bit overwrought, but we love the random playfulness of the outfit. Nothing goes with anything else (which, as you can see, was something of a theme), but it feels fun and youthful here.



Riley Keough

That is one sweet-ass jacket, but everything else here needs to be ritually burned.




[Photo Credit: INSTARimages]

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